Composer Zhao Zhao, who created one of the official tunes of the Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022, was accused of plagiarism. Song Snow & Ice Dance (“Dance of snow and ice”. – Approx., performed by the Duo of sun Nan and tan Jing, was strikingly similar to the song Let It Go from disney’s animated blockbuster frozen. In the Internet appeared the mix, in which Chinese artists are a trio with a voiced main character of the cartoon American actress Indinas Menzel.

The first suspicious about the similarity of the two songs said Chinese financial magazine Caijing. Later, the publication was removed from the website edition, but the text of the article is still available on other sites, in particular on the news portal Sina.

As noted by The Guardian, the suspicion of plagiarism has caused a storm in the Chinese social networks. Users of Weibo, the Chinese Twitter tax write Zhao Zhao that he had disgraced his country.

“Plagiarism is obvious. This international sporting event. If it was impossible to make their own music, the organizers could hire a foreign contractor, as others do,” writes one commenter. Another recalls that in China the problem of plagiarism is acute not only in the music industry.

Netizens refer to the comparison of two pieces of music conducted by Caijing. As noted, the Intro to both songs are almost identical, they use similar piano chords, even pace is almost identical. The similarity is especially evident in miksovannoe version, which was created by one of the commentators. Parts in it, filled with Chinese singers, interspersed with excerpts from the Disney version. However, some skeptics remind us that there are only seven notes, and all matches in the melody can be completely random.

“The dance of snow and ice” is one of ten official melodies of the Beijing Olympics. As noted by The New York Times, the press service of the organizing Committee of the Beijing Games while not responding to numerous requests for comment. Disney also have remained silent.

Meanwhile, the newspaper notes, it is known that in China, copyright is not valued very highly. This country supplies the whole world fake handbags, copy the cars and sights. And recently on Arany released a Chinese version of the animated Pixar film “Cars.”

There are allegations China’s Olympics theme is too close to “Let it Go”. Forget about lawyers, just send angry parents to handle this one.

— Jonathan Bailey (@plagiarismtoday) August 4, 2015

Composer Zhao Zhao is a graduate of the College of music Thornton of the University of southern California. He has worked with many renowned artists, including Placido Domingo. Global Post, expressing sympathy in connection with the incident, notes that maybe he just failed to throw Let It Go from your head because of the melody from “Cold heart” last year and a half was everywhere – on radio, in stores and, of course, in houses where there are children.

As CNN notes that Beijing clearly could use the help of someone like the main character of the cartoon, the sorceress Elsa which can create snow and ice, because in the Chinese capital with snow a crunch.

Additionally, another Olympic scandal over plagiarism broke out last week. Belgian designer Olivier Debbie challenged the authorship of the emblem of the Olympic games in 2020 in Tokyo, as saw the similarity with the logo he created for the theater in Liege two years ago. I must admit, are subjected to harsh criticism almost all modern Olympic symbols. So, the torches of the Olympics in Sochi compared with the Moldovan vodka, torch Vancouver 2010 saw the similarity with “jamb”, and the logo of the 2012 Games – both the swastika and the symbol of Zionism.

The anthem of the Olympic games-2022 turned out to be a Chinese copy of a song from the cartoon “Cold heart” 05.08.2015

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