Party “the Apple” has collected over 50 thousand signatures for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria and the cessation of the military campaign in this country in pre-election initiative of Grigori Yavlinsky’s “Time to go home”, reports RBC with reference to the head of the press service of the “Yabloko” Igor Yakovlev.

The Chairman of the Federal political Committee of the party Grigory Yavlinsky, nominated his candidacy for presidential elections in 2018, announced the collection of signatures for the Russia’s withdrawal from military conflicts on June 19.

Signatures gathered for protests in 50 cities in 40 regions of Russia. In the Saratov and Tambov pickets Yabloko, was banned, and in Kazan and Yekaterinburg was moved from the center to the outskirts.

Soon the pickets will begin in Moscow and St. Petersburg. By the end of August in the “Apple” expect to collect 100 thousand signatures. The collection of signatures for initiative is open also on the website of the party.

According to representatives of the “Yabloko”, to end the war signs up to 40% of the respondents. They receive a leaflet, which explains what could have spent the money.

“Direct military cost of the war amounted to more than 100 billion rubles. On this money it is possible to build 400 kindergartens to treat 360 thousand cancer patients, to increase the funding of universities, the size of children’s allowances. One launch cruise missiles “Caliber” is 85 million rubles. This is the average salary of 2,500 teachers, or almost 2000 doctors,” – said on the website of the “Yabloko”.

According to independent estimates, for October 2016, Russia’s military campaign in Syria for a year could cost the budget not less than 58 billion rubles.

The collection of signatures has no purpose to their presentation, President Vladimir Putin, as members of the “Yabloko” believe “pointless to appeal” to him, but I think “psychologically important to collect thousands of signatures against the war” to show the public the number of opponents participating in the hostilities.

According to the survey “Levada-Center”, 28% of respondents answered negatively to the question, “should Russia continue to intervene in what is happening now in Syria.” Yavlinsky thinks that’s a good start for the presidential campaign.

Party Yabloko intends to nominate the candidacy of Grigory Yavlinsky in the presidential elections in March 2018. Before that Yavlinsky has twice participated in presidential campaigns. In 1996, he finished fourth, and in 2000 – the third. With the 2012 presidential elections Yavlinsky was removed for political reasons.

“The Apple” has collected over 50 thousand signatures against the involvement of Russia in the Syrian war 17.07.2017

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