After the President of the United States Donald trump fired the FBI Director James Komi Republic and allegedly gave Russia top-secret information about the fight against terrorists, the approval rating of his activity has fallen to a record low. According to a study conducted by Reuters and Ipsos sociological service, the policy of the President now support, only 38 percent of Americans.

Negatively work trump estimated 56 percent of respondents, and the remaining 6 percent have not yet decided on the conclusions. Moreover, among the supporters of the Republican party share of the opponents of the trump activities was 23 per cent – 7 per cent more than last week. This factor, experts say, such a negative impact on overall performance.

The survey was conducted in English in all of the United States. It was attended 1971, including 721 supporter of the Republican party and the 795 Democratic. As noted, the statistical error does not exceed 3 percent.

Note that at the end of April, when the results of the survey published by the ABC and The Washington Post, President trump called low approval rating of his activity does not reflect the real situation. According to him, all this is a result of negative information, which is published in its relation to the media.

In the middle of this week trump, commenting on the recent events and called them a “witch hunt”. “There is a major “witch hunt” against the politician in American history” – he wrote in his Twitter. And added that “during the election campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration has made many illegal. But nobody appointed spectacular for investigation.”

The approval rating of the trump in the US reached record low values 20.05.2017

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