The Moscow arbitration court confirmed the legality of the provisions of Rostransnadzor ordered the airline “Victory”, included in the group “Aeroflot”, to amend the transport regulations, in particular, to eliminate approximate description of the portfolio and handbags which the passenger is entitled to carry in excess of the free baggage allowance, transfers RIA “news”.

Therefore, the arbitration of Moscow has rejected the statement of “Victory”, who demanded to annul the relevant regulation of the Ministry of 29 February 2016.

The representative of “Victory” in court said that the rules of the airline do not contain restrictions on kinds of handbags, “there is only an approximate description of the” briefcases and handbags, which are included in the rules for the convenience of passengers and is Advisory in nature. “So a rough description that it can be a lot of things”, – said the representative of the airline.

Representative rostransnadzora, in turn, drew the court’s attention that the Federal aviation regulations (far) contain no restrictions on the type and size of briefcases and handbags, and the company is entitled to clarify that it is possible to carry a passenger and what not.

The rules of the airline “Victory” contains information that is “under “the portfolio” refers to a narrow rectangular bag, the dimensions of which do not exceed 75 cm in sum of three dimensions, designed for carrying documents (papers), books, a laptop computer, as well as small items and having corresponding offices in the inner space”.

Under the “handbag” refers to a small bag rectangular, oblong or soft forms for carrying small everyday items or cosmetics, the dimensions of which do not exceed 75 cm in sum of three dimensions”. According to the rules, “ladies handbag can be equipped with a shoulder strap or a chain, have leather handles, textile, metal, plastic or bamboo”, and “backpacks and bags, any varieties not included in the list of items of free baggage in the aircraft cabin”.

FAP gives the passenger the right to free passage in the interior of the handbag or briefcase, folder, paper, umbrella, bouquet of flowers, baby food for the child during the flight, camera, camcorder, laptop computer and several other items.

In July the court confirmed the legality of the provisions of Rostransnadzor ordered the “Victory” to change the rules in terms of restriction to free passage in the cabin hand Luggage, in particular handbags and briefcases. The court completely rejected the statement “daughters” of the national aviaperevochika, demanding to cancel the order of the Department dated February 29, 2016.

Rostransnadzor made a check after a complaint from a member of the Public chamber Dmitry Chugunov and Chairman of the education Committee of the state Duma Alena’s Arshinova. The latest in the “Victory” earlier this year ordered to pay 2 thousand rubles for transportation in the cabin, “handbags in the form of a backpack.”

In court the representative of the airline said that it should “split the purse and a backpack”, a passenger was entitled to free carriage of a backpack in the baggage compartment, as in paragraph 135 FAP-82 “about the backpack and said nothing.”

The trial judge Ekaterina Aksenova eventually found the difference between a purse and a small backpack “game language”, ruling that to impose such restrictions “, even with common viewpoint wrong.” The complaint of “Victory” the decision of rostransnadzora she left unsatisfied.

The arbitration court obliged the loukoster “Victory” to remove from the rules the description handbags 25.10.2016

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