The Chairman of the Amur branch “the Union of Armenians of Russia” Artur Ghazaryan apologized for the conflictthat occurred on the night of 16 October in Blagoveshchensk between employees of the Amur regional clinical hospital (OKB) and representatives of the Armenian Diaspora, who beat the guards of the medical institution.

“Today I met with the head physician, the Deputy Minister and the staff of OCB. Dismantled the situation, I showed the documents, which were issued to the doctors, told about the procedure of admission of patients. I thanked the doctors who, despite the behavior of people, did their work. I apologized. Peacefully resolved the issue,” – said Artur Ghazaryan “Amur news service”.

October 15, in the center of Blagoveshchensk, the accident occurred. The driver of a foreign car rammed at high speed, several cars, in serious condition was taken to the hospital. In the hospital were relatives of 22-year-old young man, but they were stopped by security. Then, from the restaurant where we continued the festivities on the occasion of the betrothal of a young man, came to the company “representatives of the Armenian Diaspora”, which attacked the guards.

The incident hit the lens of a street camera, a video published on the channel “Life – latest news” in YouTube. As told to the website the source in law enforcement bodies, 15 minutes to the reception Department was approached by about 30 people – men from one of the local Diaspora. “They behaved noisily and mentally tried to put pressure on medical personnel to the affected companions paid the utmost attention,” the source said.

Two of the guards got hit in the face and body. Assessing the situation, chopovtsy requested reinforcements. In the hospital was sent to the police, which settled the conflict. Criminal case, testified that 37 people, three of them arrested. According to the decision of the city court, two young men were brought to administrative responsibility under article 1 of article 20.1 of the administrative code “Petty hooliganism” and detained for 15 days, another arrested for five days. They have been detained in the city of Shimanovsk, city Free and the village of Novokiyevskiy Uval Amur region. The young man got in an accident, is in a coma.

After this incident, the Ministry of health of the Amur region decided to conduct an audit of contracts for medical institutions of the region with private security firms whose employees guard at the local hospital.

In connection with the recent increase in attacks on patients and their relatives of medical workers the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation proposed to amend the criminal code and equate the penalty for assault on doctors a special responsibility for the attack on representative government. The entry into force of such amendments is scheduled in July 2018.

The Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev, without waiting for the Federal law, ordered to provide the emergency Department and the sanitary inspection rooms of hospitals in the region of drugs that health workers can use to protect against aggressive patients and their relatives.

At the end of may in the Central city hospital N1 in city Orekhovo-Zuyevo three doctors were beaten in the x-ray room a relative of a VIP patient, unhappy that the doctors were not able to immediately serve someone because they were busy with other patients. In August in the same hospital, the patient’s brother beat technician-radiologist, the suspect is in custody. In July, the hospital of the Moscow city ozyory patient caused doctor injury “for slow aid”.

The Armenian Diaspora has apologized to physicians over the brawl at the hospital of Blagoveshchensk 21.10.2016

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