The detainee in the city of Scranton (Pennsylvania, USA) the suspect in the drug trade has celebrated small need directly in his pants, hoping that the urine will dissolve the heroin and cocaine in his pocket.

According to The Times Tribune, the detainee is accused of four crimes related to drug trafficking and resisting arrest. Detectives say he sold 10 doses of heroin during a controlled purchase in the West of Scranton. After the transaction was completed, police arrested the pusher.

The man resisted before until the detectives used a Taser. Then he was handcuffed and searched. Police found about three thousand dollars, and a bundle which contained five doses of heroin and four of cocaine in the right front pants pocket. When the officer got the drugs, the detainee urinated on himself in the hope that the humid heroin dissolved. However, the experts were able to confirm that the substance in the bags – namely heroin.

Drug dealer sent to prison Lackawanna County, to determine the size of the Deposit in 100 thousand dollars. The preliminary hearing in his case is scheduled for September 22.

The arrested drug dealer peed his pants, trying to dissolve in his pocket heroin 16.09.2016

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