The assassination of the Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic and the terrorist attack on election day was prepared by Russian nationalists, has announced special Prosecutor of the country Milivoje Catnic. It is reported Reuters.

In Montenegro, on 16 October he was arrested 20 citizens of Serbia on suspicion in preparation of acts of terrorism. At the end of October, the media reported the expulsion from Serbia of a number of Russian citizens, who allegedly watched the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Among them are members of right-wing organizations, former members of paramilitary groups who fought in the Donbass.

The Prosecutor said that Djukanovic had to shoot a well trained sniper with a long range. The Prosecutor said that the preparation for the assassination is being investigated by the intelligence services of Montenegro and Serbia and that in both countries there are detainees.

Reuters reminds that after the “prevent attack” Montenegro opposition has accused Djukanovic in an attempt to use security forces to prolong their stay in power. The Prime Minister accused Russia of trying to impede the country’s integration into NATO – a member of the Alliance of Montenegro began in may of this year.

Unlike the Prime Minister, attorney Catnic emphasizes that he has no evidence that the conspiracy involved the Russian leadership. “We have no evidence that the Russian state’s involvement in all this, but we have the facts and evidence that we are talking about Russian nationalists. The expression “nationalists” I use in a negative value, and the plan was to stop Montenegro on its Euro-Atlantic path, in particular to prevent its entry into NATO. This was the original mission,” the Prosecutor quoted TASS.

He said that for the preparation of the attack was formed by a group of citizens of Serbia, Montenegro and Russia. According to him, “the organizers of this group, the nationalists from Russia”, believed that “the regime in Montenegro led by Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic cannot be changed through elections, and should be overthrown by force.”

“For this violent overthrow of a legitimately elected government, they formed a criminal organization that was planning to commit a terrorist attack on October 16 23 PM hours” – said Katnic.

The former Prime Minister of Serbia, Vuk Draskovic in an interview with the newspaper “Politika” said that the attack was not only on Djakovica, but the Serbian leader Aleksandar Vucic.

Omissions gave rise to different versions

“Novaya Gazeta” in the article about what is happening in Serbia and Montenegro indicates that the omissions of the authorities gave rise to different versions about what actually happened during the elections.

Montenegrin police detained 20 conspirators who allegedly planned to seize the building of the Republican Parliament, to block the local barracks of the special forces, to organize mass riots with the shooting and to overthrow legitimate authority. All of the failed coup were citizens of neighbouring Serbia, and at their head was the former head of the Serbian gendarmerie Bratislav Dikic, created after the dismissal of the Pro-Russian “Patriotic front of Serbia”.

Then there were reports about the “Russian trace”. As NEZAVISIMAYA Gazeta notes, in anticipation of elections, it could play into the hands of Pro-Western parties Djukanovic. About it, expressing doubts about the real threat of a coup, said the opposition. In their opinion, the organization is indicative of arrests stood the government itself.

The Belgrade newspaper Blic, citing its own informed sources claimed that the Serbian ex-policeman Dikica allegedly hired the Montenegrin authorities to “play terrorist” and even called the amount of the fee – 100 thousand euros.

The foreign Ministry has denied reports about the deportation of Russians

The Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs in late October, has denied media reports about the deportation of Russian citizens of Serbia.

There were concerns that the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev in Belgrade was planned and that the preparations for it began a few months ago.

“With regard to some of the Balkan media and the newspaper “Kommersant” about the alleged deportation of Russian citizens from Serbia, otherwise as an absolute fiction, this is not stressed in the Russian dipvedomstva. – Regret that is not the first time journalists do not pay sufficient attention to verify the reliability of sources of information, becoming in fact a weapon of the information war in the hands of politicians”.

The assassination of the Prime Minister of Montenegro was prepared by the Russian nationalists, said the Prosecutor 06.11.2016

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