The chamber has reported serious shortcomings in the activities of the two agencies, traffic police and the Federal bailiff service (FSSP). Departments interact, collecting fines from drivers, but they do it badly, thought the auditors. Conscientious citizens are defaulters and liable to be punished, and a 50 percent discount off the inefficient, said the report, which refers to “Kommersant”.

SP checked the work of the Ministry of interior, traffic police, Federal bailiff service in 2015-2016. Identified a number of problems, especially in collaboration with agencies. They are associated with the transmission of information regarding unpaid in the period (70 days) fines. If the fine is not paid, then on the basis of information, police officers can, for example, prohibit the debtor from traveling abroad or to suspend rights.

The test showed that the officers do not excite the production of millions of records obtained from the traffic police. And inconsistency leads to the fact that defaulters are conscientious citizens. Two years uncollected for these reasons, the amount of fines, according to estimates of the accounting chamber can make 250 million rubles.

Another problem connected with the identification of payments, that is, the inability to determine who paid the fine (this leads to the fact that the citizen listed as a defaulter). According to the chamber, in 2015 received 13.6 bn of unidentified payments, in 2016 – RUB 10.6 billion In SP, however, point out that here the fault lies mainly not in the agencies: banks do not contribute information to the system GIS GMP, and payers incorrectly filled out the paperwork.

Also in the chamber were skeptical about the work of the law according to which from January 1, 2016 upon payment of a fine in the 20-day period applies 50% discount. The auditors found that the ratio of the number of citizens who have paid the penalties voluntarily to the traffic police issued orders fell by 4.8%.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction Vyacheslav Lysakov (the author of the bill about the discount) called criticism of the accounting chamber “incorrect”: it believes that to objectively evaluate the work discounts will be possible only after 2017.

The audit chamber criticized the work of traffic police and bailiffs service 20.05.2017

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