Russian audit chamber (SP) announced that they had identified numerous violations during the inspections of budget execution and budget reports of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation for the year 2016. The inspection found that the budget statements of the Ministry of education for the period is incorrect, reported on the website of the SP. Also, the Ministry incorrectly allocated subsidies in the amount of 1.62 billion among 69 regions and wrongfully transferred 2.2 billion roubles from the Federal budget on modernization of subordinate and Autonomous institutions, the report said.

So, in violation of the law “On accounting” of the Ministry of education is not reflected in the registers of budget accounting land (1/2 share) used by the Ministry on the right of limited use. Also not reflected in the Ministerial registers of accounting 39 intangible assets in the form of patents for the results of intellectual activity.

Also, the audit chamber revealed violations in the implementation of budget investments. So, in violation of the Budget code of the Russian Ministry of education last year in the framework of subsidies for financial support for the execution of the given assignment sent from the Federal budget for the modernization of the property complex, scientific-educational infrastructure and social infrastructure of subordinate budgetary and Autonomous institutions in the total volume of 2.19 billion rubles.

For example, the Ministry was unlawful, the decision on the allocation of the “Pskov state University” subsidies for financial security of the state assignment for the execution of works in 2016 in the amount of 240 million rubles. The University has purchased from OOO “KABBALK-INTOURIST” (Kabardino-Balkaria) the object of incomplete construction worth to 167.6 million rubles and a land cost of 72.4 million rubles under the contract of purchase and sale in the absence of government decisions.

Student Ombudsman

Among other things, that the Ministry has set a violation of the law “On noncommercial organizations” due to the fact that it listed the grants in the amount of 3.91 million rubles from the Moscow aviation Institute (MAI) to perform a given assignment in order to ensure activities of the Ombudsman for students in Russia.

The position of student Ombudsman staffing of the Ministry is not provided. According to the letter of the Prosecutor General, the Ministry of education approval in the office of the Ombudsman for students in Russia were issued in the absence of legal grounds, said the SP.

The audit Department has decided to send a submission to the Ministry of education and appeal to the Prosecutor General, the Federal Antimonopoly service and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and conclusion of SP in both houses of Parliament.

The acting Commissioner for the rights of students Khromov, commenting on the JV, said that working for free in this post. “I’m for all four years or for one day Ombudsman activities of a penny is not received, – quotes its “Interfax”. – At one time discussed the issue of payment of my wages, but I refused, because I thought that he might lose independence in activities of what I’ve always publicly stated”.

He confirmed that the building where the headquarters and each of the student Ombudsman, was in operational control of MAI. While Khromov says that his business trips are made through the headed by him organization “Russian student Union”, in which he is officially employed. However, according to him, the job paid headquarters staff that hotline taking calls from students about violations.

The audit chamber found violations in the activities of the Ministry of education, including financing the work of the student Ombudsman 19.06.2017

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