The Minister for corrections Australian state of Victoria, Steve Herbert, came under heavy criticism for non-standard use of his official car with driver. It turned out that the officer was transporting in the car, money which are allocated from the Treasury, their dogs, reports the BBC , citing the Herald Sun.

According to media reports, known at least one case, when the personal chauffeur of Herbert on his orders brought animals – dogs named Ted and Patch to the country house of his boss, located 120 km from Melbourne.

The Minister himself acknowledged this fact and apologized for his actions, explaining his extraordinary employment. “Being a Minister is hard work. Sometimes you make mistakes and this was one of them,” said Herbert, promising to pay for used during the trip dogs gasoline. However, he did not specify how much time was allowed such use of a company car.

The incident caused a wide public outcry and even became a cause for ridicule in social networks. Some examples of jokes Internet users leads edition of The Telegraph.

At the same time some colleagues of Herbert did not appreciate his remorse. The opposition demanded that the Minister resigned from his post. “This Minister must go”, – told reporters on Thursday, the leader of the opposition Liberal party of Australia, Matthew guy.

The head of government of the state of Victoria Daniel Andrews called the act of Herbert’s “wrong”, but said that he will not be dismissed. “He clearly said that his action was wrong and apologized. He also promised that it will not happen again,” said the Prime Minister ABC News.

Meanwhile, a year ago, a similar scandal led to the resignation of the Parliament speaker of Australia Bronwyn Bishop. It turned out that she spent five thousand dollars to rent a helicopter to fly to events to raise funds for a political campaign. In addition, the official spent taxpayer funds to attend weddings of their colleagues.

In September 2016 Australian Senator-labour’s Sam Dastyari lost his post after it emerged that he was allowed to pay for their trips to Chinese entrepreneurs. In the same month, member of Parliament of Australia, Steve irons paid to the budget of two thousand dollars, who had previously spent as it turned out, the tickets to attend his own wedding.

The Australian Minister apologized for the carriage of their dogs on an office car 27.10.2016

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