A resident of Austria after several courts received the right to reclaim the name their ancestors – Zebra. A positive decision on his application, adopted by the constitutional court, reports Die Presse.

He has recognized illegal the decision of the lower court that denied a man the right to take this name on the grounds that, in the opinion of the referee, a Zebra can only be called animal living in the African Savannah.

Some other names of animals – the Fox (Fuchs), beaver (Biber), ostrich (Strauss) – the judge saw fit to be names, because, unlike the Zebra, in the official documents there are records about the Austrians with such names.

Meanwhile, the family of the man who applied to the court, wore this name for several centuries. His grandfather abandoned it in the 50-ies. The last member of the family of the plaintiff with the name of Zebra – his great-grandfather died in 1991. The constitutional court decided that a man has the right to reclaim the name.

The Austrian seized the right to bear the name Zebra 09.11.2016

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