In Perm street artist Alexander Zhunev, widely known after the scandal surrounding his graffiti “Gagarin. The crucifixion, laid out the autumn maple leaf on the wall of a wooden house in the Park of Pushkin portrait of the leader of the group DDT Yuri Shevchuk, said “Rifey-Perm”.

Opposite this house is the city’s only monument to Pushkin. And next to a portrait of a rock musician on the wall of a building Alexander Zhunev wrote a line of his song “Last autumn” an appeal to the poet: “Ah Alexander Sergeevich, dear, well you didn’t tell us anything…”

Some leaves for a portrait was brought from the so-called “Garden of nightingales” – the private volunteer project for the arrangement of ecological trails along the local river the hell are Winkie.

The artist told the newspaper Metrothat last year, when he and his followers did labels of the leaves, appeared the idea to create a portrait of a man who had something to do with the fall. As Yury Shevchuk has a few songs about the fall – in particular, “Last fall” and “What is autumn” – it was decided to put a portrait of him.

According to Geneva, he was attracted by the fact that near the house is a monument to Pushkin – in fact the song “Last fall” Shevchuk refers to the poet. “I thought that Pushkin and Shevchuk could have a dialogue of classical and contemporary art,” explained the author of the picture.

Were first drawn the contours of a portrait of the singer on the front of the house, and then by means of staples Zhunev nailed sheets of three shades. Photos of intermediate stages of putting some of the portrait in the social network “Vkontakte” published the inhabitant of Perm Nadezhda Bagley.

In 2014, Alexander Zhunev has arranged a street art campaign for the creation of an application of the colored leaves on wooden fence in front of Holy Trinity monastery. Yellow leaves, the team made an inscription “Reading a life, not prolative” recalls the Site of the city of Perm

Work Geneva are often controversial with the authorities, says the website of the Perm public-political newspaper “Local time” . So, in the winter, the police painted over graffiti Geneva in support of the actionist Peter Pavlensky, painted on a transformer box in Moscow. And in April last year on the wall of one of the Perm high-rises appeared the image of the astronaut, which Zhunev called “Crucified Gagarin”.

After graffiti drew the attention of the Deputy of the city Duma Yuri Utkin, utility workers cleaned the picture from the wall of the grinder. And the world court in Perm sentenced Alexander Geneva to a fine of one thousand rubles for damage to the exterior of the building.

The author of “crucified Gagarina has uploaded the portrait of Yuri Shevchuk of maple leaves 04.10.2016

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