British artist of Indian origin Anish Kapoor has acquired the exclusive rights to the black paint that you can imagine.

Pigment Vantablack so black that it absorbs 99.96% of light. It is manufactured by British company Surrey NanoSystems and has been designed for military purposes, for example masking of aircraft. NASA scientists are using your own version of this pigment, however, it is alleged, that the British invention suitable for mass production.

According to ArtNet, Anish Kapoor is experimenting with superkernel pigment with 2014. Making them exclusive rights caused a fierce indignation of his fellow artists who think a monopoly on the use of any color is absurd.

The artist himself believes that the invention is of fundamental importance for his work. He recalled that over the past 30 years has experimented with many, often rather exotic materials. But in this case we are talking about something completely new. As noted by the media, pigment-dyed corrugated aluminum foil seems flat.

Note, a similar situation occurs in the art world for the first time. In 1960 Yves Klein invented a new color and has received an international patent for Klein Blue. While Kapoor did not invent Vantablack, and the properties of the pigment are unique.

As noted by The Daily Mail, in his works, Kapoor have previously used other types of black paint, achieving a stunning effect. So, for example, was the work called Descent Into Limbo. It was a figure on the floor, which created the illusion of a gaping hole.

Anish Kapoor came to Britain from India in the 1970-ies. Currently his sculptures are located in different cities of the world. Last year the”Royal vagina”, created for the Park of Versailles, caused a huge scandal and was twice attacked by vandals.

The author of the composition “Royal vagina” Anish Kapoor has infuriated fellow artists by purchasing exclusive rights to supercherry pigment 01.03.2016

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