The deputies of Azerbaijan with majority of votes adopted a bill proposed by the country’s General Prosecutor Zakir Garalov, the introduction of criminal responsibility for the attempt to discredit or humiliate the honor and dignity of the head of state on the Internet, reports APA.

Thus, the Parliament approved amendments to article 323.1 of the Criminal code of Azerbaijan (“illegal actions or humiliation of honor and dignity of the President of Azerbaijan, President of the Azerbaijan Republic in public statement, publicly shown product or mass media”).

Under the bill, in this article, the words “or the media” shall be replaced by the words “in the media or in the case of public distribution in Internet information resources”.

This article of the criminal code provides punishment in the form of a fine in the amount from 500 to 1,000 manat (from 18,8 thousand to 37.7 thousand rubles), or correctional labor up to two years, or deprivation of liberty for a term of two years.

At the end of September most of the inhabitants of Azerbaijan within the framework of the constitutional referendum called for amendments to the Basic law of the country. In particular, it was increased the presidential term from five to seven years and extended the powers of the President. Now he had the right to declare the extraordinary elections of the President and dissolve Parliament.

In 2009, Azerbaijan held a referendum in which the electorate voted for the abolition of restrictions on the reelection of the same President more than twice. Ilham Aliyev won three times at the presidential elections in Azerbaijan in 2003, 2008 and 2013.

The Azerbaijani Parliament has approved the introduction of criminal liability for insult of the President on the Internet 30.11.2016

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