Federal bailiff service (FSSP) has offered to provide her with the right look for debtors on the bases of personal data on passengers vehicles. With this initiative, FSSP spoke at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, October 11, reported the Agency video News Service, referring to the minutes of the meeting.

Following the meeting, Olga Golodets instructed the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of justice and the Federal to study this issue. The receipt of the request was confirmed by the representative of the Minister and the representative of the Ministry of transport.

Representative Golodets said that the assignment had to do with the fitness of a bailiff “to the number of users of automated centralized databases of personal data on passengers of vehicles.” The Ministry of transport said that the Commission is considering and the position of the Ministry will be submitted to the government within the established deadlines.

As explained by the source Agency, the marshals want to find the tools to actively search hiding debtors, including delinquent child support.

In 2016, the alimony owed 130 billion rubles

Now debtors can be punished including the restriction on travel abroad and the right to control the car. In the published report of the Federal bailiff service Arthur Parfenchikov proposed to impose a penalty on the part of property of the debtor. In 2015, led by Parfenchikov, the Agency suggested other options limits for debtors – in particular, the ban on marriage.

On September 1, 2016, the debt enforcement proceedings for alimony was more than 130 billion rubles. According to FSSP, in the first nine months of 2016 on the performance, there were 1 437 000 enforcement proceedings for alimony. 210 600 cases debtors have evaded from payment of the alimony, 58 thousand wanted, about 42 600 – prosecuted.

Parfenchikov noted that there are two categories of debtors. Some of the wanted, whose whereabouts are unknown, but there is information from relatives, friends and registered bodies that they are alive. The second category sought by the debtors whose whereabouts are unknown, as well as more years no information of such debtors, the second category includes debtors, leading asocial way of life, drug addicts and alcoholics.

In August Parfenchikov reportedthat six months of 2016 the number of debtors with more than 10 unpaid fines traffic police, compared to the same period last year increased twice and amounted to 97.5 thousand. It was reported that in 2016, the Russian courts have become more active citizens evicted from municipal flats for public debt and complaints for unsanitary conditions. So, four months of 2016 in the FBS was more than 20 thousand Executive manufactures about such evictions.

The bailiffs offered to look for debtors in airplanes and trains 26.11.2016

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