Members of the legendary Swedish group ABBA announced the reunion for a new project, reports The Guardian.

Show that the musicians will work together with the ex-Spice Girls Manager Simon fuller, announced an innovative project with the use of modern virtual reality technology. According to the organizers, it will allow a new generation of fans to see and hear ABBA to be what they imagine it is not.

As admitted by one of the members of ABBA, benny Andersson, and his bandmates inspire presents endless possibilities and they like to be part of something new and spectacular. The details of the project will be known in 2017, is planned to be launched in 2018.

In June of this year the members of ABBA for the first time since 1982, made together, giving a small concert at a private party in Stockholm in honor of the 50th anniversary of the friendship between Alverson Bjorn and benny Andersson. Before that, the band members refused the reunification.

The musical Quartet was established in 1972. For 10 years, the group ABBA released eight albums. Established in 1999 the musical “Mamma Mia!”, based on the songs of the group, looked about 60 million people worldwide.

The band members of ABBA to unite for new project 27.10.2016

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