In the court of Tsentralny district of the Belarusian city of Gomel may 19, began consideration of the criminal case against the now former Deputy chief of the office of enforcement – division chief enforcement chief Department of justice of Homel regional Executive Committee, which is accused of receiving bribes of food, according to local portal

According to investigators, from September 2015 to January 2016 the clerk repeatedly received material assets from officials of commercial and government agencies for assistance in solving their problems – provisional lifting of the seizure of money from Bank accounts of businesses, assisting in debt recovery, etc.

According to the materials of the case, for the services the clerk had received 125 kg of potatoes from the Director of the agricultural enterprise in Buda-Koshelevsky area, from the Director of private enterprise in the Gomel area – 10 kg of pork, from the legal counsel of the municipal enterprise “Elskoe” – three kgs of tomatoes and peppers, a jar of green peas and a jar of jam.

In addition, the defendant received from the chief of one of the banks gift certificate, and the Director of agricultural enterprise – 7 kg of apples. Also she is accused of receiving as bribes household knife worth two rubles, reported in the publication.

At trial, she did not admit guilt and stated that a temporary removal of arrest from accounts is a common practice that occurs at the request of the Directors of enterprises and, as a rule, 100% of the cases, such requests are satisfied.

The defendant claims that bribes for their decision not take 125 kg of potatoes took or bought the farm from a friend of her husband, for the pork she paid himself, and tomatoes, peppers, jam and peas gave her friend.

It should be noted that in Russia, where since ancient times there was a peculiar culture of the bureaucratic bribery “Greyhound puppies”, and now
happy to take bribes natural products. So, in 2014, the Deputy chief of one of departments of police of the city of Magnitogorsk in the Chelyabinsk region were caught receiving bribes of alcohol, food and warm clothing. A year earlier in the Arkhangelsk region employees of traffic police have sentenced to 3,5 years conditionally and to 115 thousand rubles fine for accepting a bribe of beer.

In the Altai Republic, senior inspector of traffic police taking bribes from colleagues firewood and lumber. And in Bashkiria in 2012 the inspector of traffic police suggested to his friend, who violated traffic rules, “barter”: he forgets about the violation in exchange for 5 kg of meat.

The Belarusian official on trial for bribery potatoes, pork and jam 19.05.2017

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