The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the reserve “Sophia of Kyiv” Fedor Zarnecki criticized on the transfer of Small areas (Warmer) of Sophia in the use of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarchate (UOC-MP).

“The Ministry strongly lobbied” the signing of the Treaty, he said on air of the Ukrainian TV channel “inter”. According to Sereznogo, the issue was decided in three days, without carrying out technical evaluations and compliance, reported on Friday a portal “Interfax-Religion”.

Meanwhile, according to the head of the Board of Trustees, the issue of transfer of Small Sofia in the use of the UOC-MP should be discussed at the international level.

“This discussion should make the discussion, I would say, not part of Ukraine and within Europe,” said Sarnecki.

Warm or Small, Sofia the refectory, located in front of the southern facade of the main Cathedral. It was built in 1722-1730 years and is one of the main buildings of the St. Sophia monastery ensemble.

Recall that the national reserve “Sophia of Kyiv” has been included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. In 2013 in the 37th session of the world heritage Committee was taken the decision to leave in the list of reserve, and the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

At previous sessions, the UNESCO has repeatedly raised the issue of possible exceptions to the list of Ukrainian monuments of cultural heritage.

The reason for exclusion was the frustration of visiting experts chaotic point construction in the buffer zones around Laura and Sophia, which affected not only the landscape but also the monuments themselves. So, in the “Sophia of Kyiv” constantly observed the increased groundwater level, which has already risen by several meters, which was disastrous not only for the strip Foundation, but led to cracks in the walls.

The Board of Trustees of Sophia of Kyiv are concerned about the transfer of the refectory in the use of the Kyivan Patriarchate 26.02.2016

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