Actress and model Sofia Hayat, once popular in bollywood, had announced that it was taking a break from the mundane and to become a nun, reports NEWSru Israel, referring to Bollywood Life</u>. She took a new name – mother Gaia Sophia and decided to change the way of life, and as reported in his blog.

The actress explained his decision by the fact that they no longer feel any sexual desires and decided to listen to his heart. At a press conference, she showed two of the breast implant, which broke up, having decided to devote himself to the Ministry.

Many fans of the actress expressed disappointment over her decision, some of them began to joke on the subject. It was also suggested that Hayat was thus decided to lie down for attention.

Actor, stuntman and “naked yoga guru” Vivek Mishra has published an open letter in which he reproached Hayat that after her “short-lived glory was forgotten, the former actress decided to attract the attention of imaginary religion. “Where have you seen that nun used social media to publish such, goes on a reality show, laughing, going out to the public, and holds a press conference?” says Mishra.

The actor is confident that Hyatt started the next PR-action: after her erotic pictures ceased to inspire fans in social networks, she found it more exciting the robe of a nun. The actor advises his former colleague to stop fooling the public and charity, if she is really concerned about his spiritual growth.

Despite the popularity of Sofia Hayat, it is known little about it: even the year of birth in different sources differs by 10 years: from 1984 to 1974. It is a subject of great Britain. In all the biographies indicated that Sofia South Asian origin, but it does not say that she is originally from India. Hayat has a diploma of higher education in the field of music and acting, she starred in the movie “Diary of butterfly”, as well as in several British and Indian serials in TV show “Bigg Boss 7″.

The bollywood star became a nun after breast implants 14.06.2016

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