British artist Rory McCain, a prominent advocate of wild nature, visited the Kalmykia Republic and created within the walls of a gymnasium in the village of Yashkul ‘ mural, which depicts the rare animals and birds, So he hopes to draw attention to the problem of saiga conservation is a relict antelopes that live in the steppe Republic.

“Thanks to the creation of the wall paintings with the participation of children, their parents and teachers Rory McCain seeks to change the attitude of the relic to the saiga. This unique completely new approach to the promotion of saiga conservation was first implemented in schools in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and supported by the regional branch of “Russian Caucasus” by the world wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia”, – quotes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, the Ministry of natural resources and environment protection of Kalmykia Republic.

As the newspaper notes, the Yashkul school selected for the project is no accident – the school has a children’s ecological club “Living heritage”. The artist worked on the mural, which depicts antelopes and other inhabitants of the steppe for 10 days. He actively helped the students of different age.

A video dedicated to the creation of the work, was posted to YouTube. McCain started with drawing out the key species of the steppe ecosystem, focusing on the saiga. Then near the antelope appeared the gophers, eagles, wolves and other animals and birds. The photos, which were verified artist, was provided by local animal rights activists. They noted that the Kalmyk saiga differ from their counterparts in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

“The project from the outset was doomed to success. We wanted to use the mural painting to the children showed interest in mother nature and conservation. Many boys and girls were constantly coming to see what’s new I have time to draw. Their curiosity was insatiable, they wanted to know more about the world in General, but also listened when we told them about their own wildlife treasures,” says the Briton.

Recall that in the Yashkul district of Kalmykia is the centre for wild animals, in which the monitoring of the saiga, preserved in Europe only in North-Western Caspian. It is believed that these ancient ungulates appeared about 2.5 million years ago and lived together with the woolly rhinos, mammoths and saber-toothed tigers.

Saiga was on the verge of extinction after these animals on an industrial scale were produced for meat. Your “contribution” made by the poachers – antelope are interested in them because of the great value of their horns on the black market. Negative influence and climate change – heat waves in summer and hungry winter. In 2002, the international Union for conservation of nature took the saiga to the category of animals in critical condition.

The British artist painted the mural in Kalmyk village school, in order to save the saiga antelope (VIDEO) 12.07.2016

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