Group The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), including NatWest Bank, identified in the message about blocking of accounts of the Russian international TV channel RT (formerly Russia Today) in the UK, commented on the scandal erupted. The official representative of the financial group Sarah Hinton-Smith responded to the request of journalists, reports RNS.

“Such decisions are not made lightly. We analyze the situation and contact the customer to discuss the issue. Bank accounts remain open and are still working,” he assured her.

Reuters reporters, in turn, reported that the office of the Prime Minister decided to distance itself from the scandal over the accounts of the RT and have so far refused to comment on the events.

The Russian foreign Ministry meanwhile saidthat Moscow with deep concern greeted the news of the closure of the accounts. “This situation entails insurmountable obstacles for the normal functioning of the TV channel in the UK, creating a background to see in this step, the Bank agreed with the official London campaign to eliminate uncomfortable for British officialdom, but the popular among the British public news site,” – said the Agency.

Previously about the problems with the accounts of the Russian international TV channel RT in the UK said the chief editor of the TV channel and the international news Agency “Russia today” Margarita Simonyan. She later clarified that it is not about locking accounts and close them.

In comments to RBC , she admitted that the lock may be associated with new sanctions: “We have no idea what is the reason, because either yesterday or the day before yesterday or a month ago, nothing new had happened to us and no threats in our address was not. Perhaps, but this is only our hypothesis, is because we are waiting for the announcement of new British and American sanctions against Russia. It might have to do with this, but maybe not. Now the lawyers are involved in this issue,” she said.

On the RT website noted that when at the end of October 2014 was launched RT UK, “not everyone was happy about” his appearance. “In some British and international publications flashed quite poignant titles about the RT, have even called for a boycott of the so-called Russian propaganda”, – reminded in the channel.

Reports on the closure of the accounts commented on the page in Facebook the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. “It seems that leaving the EU, London left in Europe with all its obligations under the freedom of speech. As they say, in a new life without harmful habits”, – she wrote.

Problems in RT in the UK began long before Brexit. In September 2015, the British representation of BBVA Bank refused to transfer money to the TV station, then known as Russia Today, explaining that it may have against Director General MIA “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselev, included in the sanctions list of the European Union. Then the canal was to transfer funds received from the sale of advertising in the UK. In July of the same year in London was arrested by the Agency “Russia today”.

The British Bank denied the information about closing accounts RT 18.10.2016

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