Briton Alistair Brownlee won the gold medal in the triathlon at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro with a score of one hour 45 minutes 01 second.

He became the first athlete in the men’s triathlon, which managed to win gold in this sport in two straight Games.

For the British the gold in Rio became the 20th, and the number of medals (54) it’s on par with the Chinese.

Diary of the 2016 Olympics: schedule and results of competitions

Six seconds of the winner lost his younger brother Jonathan Brownlee. A bronze medal hung on the neck of the South African Henry Schumann (1:45.43).

Russians Igor (1:49.11) and John (1:49.26) polians’ki took 31st and 32nd places respectively. Another representative of Russia, Alexander Brukhankov, couldn’t finish.

The British Brownlee brothers won the Olympic tournament triathlon 19.08.2016

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