Alan James from the British town of reading, Berkshire, left work and devoted himself entirely to the creation and guidance when creating homemade light aircraft after he was able to build the garage into a replica of the legendary fighter aircraft of WWII – Supermarine Spitfire.

Since childhood, James was fond of building models of the aircraft. It was inspired by the planes that took off and landed at an air force base near his home. Five years ago, he held a two-day courses to get the right 40 minutes to fly in a Spitfire.

“Like any true Brit, I wanted to fly a Spitfire,” he told The Daily Telegraph. Short fun at a cost of £ 5,000. And then James thought he could spend the money to build their own aircraft.

The publication lists the component parts of the fighter, indicating their cost. Chassis made in California, at a cost of £ 1000 engine Rolls-Royce 1,000-horsepower James bought in the Netherlands and brought to working condition using parts that are bought in Britain and USA, a total of 7000 pounds. Seat belts are made for $ 200 in Illinois. The Daily Mail publishes photos of the construction stages.

Brackets, lantern, aluminum plane and the propeller is made from five layers of laminated beech, James did yourself in your garage. The total cost amounted to 18 thousand pounds. After completion of all works and required tests enthusiast registered his Spitfire (60% of the original) and made its first flight.

The first aircraft, which was built by established in 1975 modification of the Isaacs Spitfire fighter, took to the air in September of last year. To date, James has already flown 60 hours on it. The plane weighs 500 kg and has a maximum speed of 257 kilometers per hour.

He admitted to reporters that he began to build a real airplane, when I realized that this task does not differ from the principle of aeromodelling, which he was fond of in my childhood. 63-year-old Briton got so immersed in his new passion that left work for a driving instructor to help those who decided to build the plane yourself or buy replicas of aircraft. According to The Daily Telegraph, he has become a real legend in the world of light aircraft.

The British built model airplanes in the garage working copy of the legendary fighter of world war II 07.12.2016

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