In Afghanistan, an attack on the building of the German Consulate General in Mazar-I-Sharif in the North of the country. Near the building of the diplomatic mission, a massive explosion, two people were killed and dozens injured, reports DW.

It is reported that the militants of the Islamic radical movement “Taliban” blew up a car bomb near the Consulate building. The explosion was of such force that it was heard across the city, said witnesses.

Reuters , citing NATO representative reported that was blown up two cars and part of the Consulate building destroyed.

The DPA news Agency, citing the chief doctor of the local hospital Dr Noor Mohammad said that he had killed at least two people, and about 50 were injured.

Consulate General of Germany is located in the centre of the city, where adopted high security measures, notes TASS. Located 10 km from Mazar-e-Sharif military base to the place of the incident sent a rapid reaction force, announced in the Bundeswehr.

Later, the Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack on the Embassy of Germany. In a statement the terrorists the statement said that this action is retaliation for the recent bombing in Kunduz province.

In early October, in an air RAID perpetrated by NATO aircraft, killing 30 civilians, 19 people were injured.

The building of the Consulate General of Germany in Afghanistan a bomb exploded: two dead 11.11.2016

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