The owner of the Novovyatskiy ski plant (NLC) Yuri Sudheimer that passed in June of this year marked money already ex-the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, who shortly thereafter was detained, arrested and fired for loss of confidence, told агентствуReuters about the motives of his act and how he complained in FSB of the former head of the region.

Sudheimer explained that White “had him cornered” their “requirements on loans” and “reminders about security deposits,” associated with the NLC. In addition, according to the businessman, the former Governor demanded money “on elections” in 2014, instead of promising help to the plant, which has not been provided.

Sudheimer said he personally conveyed ex-head of the Kirov region a bribe of 200 thousand euros in 2014 and another 50 thousand euros through an intermediary in Moscow in may 2016. According to the businessman, after the may tranche of White again asked him for money “on elections.” This time – 150 tysch euros.

“I had no choice. I realized that this mess will never end and went to the FSB,” – said Sudheimer. Realizing that he has no choice, the businessman personally went into the building of the Federal security service on Lubyanka square.

“I left the statement on duty, he initially didn’t believe his own eyes. Then he called to someone upstairs, in the duty room came the excited crowd of generals with a beautiful chase”.

A few weeks later the FSB officers explained Sudheimer how to carry treated spacestorm money in the bag so as not to dirty hands. Meeting in on June 24 in a private room of Japanese restaurant Megu in the centre of Moscow, the businessman after a brief conversation, handed a White package, dark red in colour, which contained bundles of colored spacestorm bills.

“There, in the restaurant, there was a moment when I thought Nikita to stop. Here before he took the bag, and I wanted to tell him – no, don’t take,” admitted the businessman. After some hesitation, Sudheimer still gave the Governor a package, and when White went to the door of the restaurant, he was detained by field investigators of FSB, neighboring Diners under the guise of ordinary visitors.

Nikita Belykh was arrested in Moscow on 24 June. According to investigators, he personally and through the intermediary received bribes in especially large size for a total amount of 400 thousand euros for actions in favor of the briber and its controlled JSC “Novovyatskiy ski works” and LLC “Forest management company”.

On June 25, the Basmanny court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of White to 24 August, not satisfying the request for the protection of another measure of restraint in the form of house arrest in the Moscow region or the pledge. August 22, the court extended the arrest until December 24. According to the investigator, during this period it is necessary to conduct a series of examinations. The Moscow city court found the decision to extend the arrest lawful. He also canceled the arrest of the property of the Whites.

On July 28 Russian President Vladimir Putin sent the Whites in resignation with the formulation “in connection with loss of trust”. Acting Kirov Governor was appointed head of Rosreestr Igor Vasiliev (his post, as reported by “Kommersant”, went to Victoria Abramchenko). In mid-August it became known that Vasiliev is going to participate in the gubernatorial elections of 2017.

Under part 6 of article 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“bribe reception in especially large size”) the former head of the Kirov region could face from eight to 15 years of imprisonment. Some personally familiar with White politicians and members of the public have expressed doubts that the former Governor could take the bribe. According to one version, the arrests of White and St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko associated with the struggle of clans in the FSB and FSO.

The businessman, who handed a bribe Nikita Belykh, has revealed details of the collaboration with the FSB 21.10.2016

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