The candidacy of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika submitted to the Federation Council for approval for a new term. The question of the appointment of the public Prosecutor, most likely, will be considered at the meeting on 25 may.

Source RIA of “news” in the leadership of the Federation Council announced that “the nomination made”. Then the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas told TASS that Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted to the upper house candidacy Gulls for appointment to the post of attorney General for a new term.

According to the Senator, in the near future in the Federation Council, expect the document will be submitted to the relevant Committee. “If that happens today, we will look at the representation at the Committee meeting (Tuesday, may 24. – Approx. and recommended for consideration by the house”, – said Klishas.

Seagull has been in office since 2006. But the new five-year term the attorney General was reappointed on 22 June 2011, his mandate will expire June 22, 2016. The Prosecutor General is appointed and dismissed by the Federation Council on representation of the President. The nearest plenary session the Federation Council will be held on may 25.

In December last year, the Fund of struggle against corruption opposition leader Alexei Navalny has prepared a film-investigation about the business Empire of the sons of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika. Most of the material was devoted to the eldest son of the Prosecutor General Chaika Artem.

In particular, in the investigation it was alleged that the son of Prosecutor General owns expensive real estate in Greece and Switzerland, for the purchase money which he received due to the business thriving thanks to the connections of the alleged father. In addition, the report identified the communications business-partner Artem the Seagull with the gang known accused of loud murder of 12 people in stanitsa Kushchevskaya of Krasnodar territory Sergey Hoe.

The Kremlin press service had ignored requests by journalists to comment on the investigation about the sons of Seagulls in the early days after its publication in the Network. On the day of publication of the report, the Kremlin said that are not familiar with its materials. A day later the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov refused to comment, referring to employment.

A week later the Kremlin statedthat the top leadership of the country got acquainted with the materials of the investigation in June, but supposedly under a different authorship. Peskov explained that the FBK report of the President’s administration is not interesting, because it refers to adult sons Seagulls, not the attorney General.

From comments left in the government. During the traditional annual meeting with journalists the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev dismissed from the issue of the report to the FCO, stating that to bring charges in Russia can only “law enforcement system”. The head of the Cabinet, like sand, recalled the coming of age of sons and the Seagull hinted at custom-made nature of the investigation.

In the Message of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly was not a word about the controversial investigation. The head of state spoke before the Parliament on 3 December, two days after the publication of the report.

Chaika called the investigation FBK false and customized. Then the public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation called the name of the alleged “customer” is a citizen of the United Kingdom, the head of Hermitage Capital, William Browder, and behind them the powerful structure”. Browder dissociated themselves from such accusations.

It should be noted that the words of the Gulls was not left unanswered – the Fund of struggle against corruption filed a lawsuit on protection of honor and dignity in the Presnensky district court of Moscow to the Prosecutor General of Russia. But the claim returned to the applicant for lack of jurisdiction. Then the FBC filed a lawsuit in the Tver district court.

Furthermore, the Swiss investigating authorities interested in the accusations against the Seagulls. The Prosecutor General’s office of Switzerland confirmed the receipt of the application of the FBC and promised to do his test. In late March, police and Prosecutor’s office of Switzerland has completed the check on the application of the FBC and refused to the applicant in the criminal case. Then the participants of the investigation, which Navalny has dubbed “the second front”, confirmed that Artem Chaika has a residence permit in Switzerland, but any crime in his activities was found.

Two weeks after the publication resonance investigation film appeared in the media information about developed by the authorities strategy of behavior and reactions in light of the scandal. Journalists of RBC with reference to its sources wrote about the fact that Chaika-the eldest will be guaranteed full immunity. To “surrender” the attorney General after investigations FBC is impossible, on the contrary, now it will be safeguarded, explained then that the interlocutors of the Agency.

In addition, the facts in the Internet and the film Fund opposition leader Alexei Navalny in the Kremlin urged not to investigate, to respond to the anti-corruption report at a minimum, calling it the order of the West, journalists wrote. Set out in the investigation information should not influence the decision to reappoint the Seagull on the post. It must, however, manage information and legal campaign against Navalny himself, told the media sources familiar with the situation.

In January of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin, congratulated the prosecutors on their professional holiday, said that it is the perseverance and consistency of the prosecutors depends largely on the unity of the state, protection of the rights of citizens and the effectiveness of the fight against corruption, reminds TASS.

Then the head of state noted that today, as at all times, the Prosecutor’s office represents the justice of the state and is a key element of the law enforcement system of Russia. “I am sure that deep knowledge, responsibility and devotion to duty will continue to help in the work, to solving major challenges facing prosecutors,” – said Putin.

The candidacy of the Prosecutor General Chaika submitted to the Federation Council for approval for a new term 23.05.2016

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