The candidate from the party “the Republicans”, the Prime Minister of France 2007-2012 Francois Fillon (biography) at the latest before the first round of the election debates on TV channel France 2, which took place after the terrorist attack on the Champs Elysees, said that the fight against terrorism in the coming years will be the absolute priority of the next French President.

“We need an international coalition for the destruction of all totalitarian movements, which are at the origin of violence. Of course, the “Islamic state”* but also others,” he said. In his view, an effective international coalition is not there, because on the one hand are the Western countries with Russia. Ex-Prime Minister is convinced that the French need to accept the fact that to destroy the terrorists need to cooperate with Russia, Iran and other countries that can help it.

And on his profile page on Twitter, the presidential candidate noted that “the stronger the discord between the US, Europe, Russia, Iran and the Gulf countries, the further postponed the day of victory over Islamic radicalism.” “I intend as President to take everywhere, from Washington to Moscow, the diplomatic initiative to create an international coalition against Islamist terrorism,” Fillon was quoted by the Agency TASS.

What else connects the Fillon with Russia

The Kremlin responded quickly to the offer of the candidate in presidents of France. As stated by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the idea of françois Fillon to create together with the Russian anti-terrorist coalition has been continuously held by the Moscow line of the international fight against terrorism. Peskov recalled that last Friday, April 21, the working meeting of Russian President with the permanent members of the security Council noted “there is no alternative to international cooperation, without which the fight against terrorism can never be really effective.”

On the eve of elections the chances françois Fillon on the way to the second round is quite high, as well as three other candidates. According to preliminary surveys, the Fillon ready to vote about 20% of the voting French, the leader of “Rebellious France”, representative of the far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon can vote 19%. For the leader of movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron of 25% of voters, for the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen is about 22%.

After the victory of the right in the primaries and in November 2016, analysts predicted the former Prime Minister Fillon almost guaranteed victory in the presidential race. However, in mass-media there were data about the scams that have put his victory into question. Wife Penelope Fillon was charged with corruption and he was accused of fictitious employment of his wife as an assistant Deputy and to pay from the budget the salaries of their children. Then the media reminded that Fillon had spent on their business suits about 50 thousand euros, the donor which turned out to be a Lebanese businessman with a dark reputation.

Then came allegations of secret ties with Russia. Supposedly the presidential candidate of France for 50 thousand dollars , organized a meeting of the Lebanese billionaire Fouad Makhzoumi with Russian President Vladimir Putin and CEO of the French oil company Total Patrick Pouyanne at the International economic forum in St. Petersburg in June 2015. The Fillon called the reports “a blatant lie”.

The Republicans even planned to remove the Fillon from the race, replacing his former Prime Minister Alain Juppe. But Fillon has collected a mass rally of his supporters at the Trocadero square in Paris, and on television said that he will not refuse from participation in the elections and nobody will be able to enforce it. After that Juppe has publicly rejected the idea of his nomination.

Meanwhile, the rating Fillon was surprisingly durable. A week before the first round, scheduled for 23 April, he took third place in the four leaders of the presidential race.

The election program of the candidate of the party “the Republicans” is to reduce half a million state workers (10% of the total), the rejection of the normalization of the week, the simplification of the procedure of dismissal of employees, a reduction of 50 billion euros of social benefits and increasing the retirement age to 65 years (currently 62.5 years), tax cuts for entrepreneurs, the VAT increase by 2% (to 22%).

In addition, he proposes to introduce quotas for immigrants, to limit the access of foreigners to social security and rights of same-sex couples to adopt children.

Intends to negotiate on lifting the Russian embargo on EU agricultural products.

Fillon, unlike the far-right marine Le Pen believes that France should maintain its place in the European Union, which, however, requires fundamental reforms for continued existence. In reforming the EU, he attaches great importance to the expansion of the Euro zone and invites the European Union to focus on tax reforms to transform the Euro into a major international reserve currencies.

In his opinion, the USA have an extremely strong impact on European economy and Finance by the dollar, which dominates at the international level. Therefore, the candidate offers the EU countries to implement tax reform to synchronize fiscal legislation.

Relations with Russia

In addition to the proposal to create, together with Russia international coalition for the destruction of all totalitarian movements, including ISIS*, françois Fillon is a supporter of the lifting of sanctions against Moscow and offers to lead a dialogue with Russia “in exchange for a change in the Russian position”, in particular on the Ukrainian question.

“We originally were the wrong policy towards Russia, so we pushed Russia imposed sanctions. I note that we have made mistakes, and we cannot say that we are not responsible, the sanctions we put in place, it is our responsibility,” he says.

One of the key problems in this respect is the conflict in Ukraine, and in the interest of the EU to promote its early settlement, added Fillon. “There is agreement on Ukraine, which is called Minsk agreements, there’s a part of him that is to be executed by the Russian side, but there is another part that must be respected by the Ukrainian side. Yet no one observes. The EU’s role clearly is to provide support in order to make it comply with the contract”, – stated earlier the candidate.

Fillon said that the EU itself should be interested in establishing a constructive dialogue with Moscow, “because we cannot allow the European Union collapsed, Mr. trump insulated USA to China robbed us in the, and in addition to start a conflict with Russia.”

On the eve Fillon admitted the Crimea is historically Russian. “No one can deny that the Crimea is historically, culturally, linguistically is a Russian. It is useless to say that Russia needs to leave Crimea, that will never happen”, – said the candidate for President of France in interview to the newspaper Le Figaro.

The politician noted that “it is necessary to observe two fundamental and controversial principle of respect for borders and international law and the right of people to self-determination”.

Fillon reminded the European politicians that in the past the Western countries were themselves the initiators of the change of the European borders. “Western countries have also allowed themselves to change the border. So it was in Kosovo, for example. There is a fundamental principle the right of people to decide their own fate. And there are limits that have been set are unacceptable for the people”, – said the candidate of the “Republican” and suggested to decide the fate of Crimea to organize a special conference under the auspices of the UN.


François Fillon born 4 March 1954. A professional politician. After receiving a law degree, at age 23, he became an activist right “Gaullist” party “Association in support of Republic”, created by Jacques Chirac (since 2015 “Republicans”).

In 1981, at the age of 27, he became the Deputy of the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament). Since then, there constantly was re-elected, except for 2005-2007, when he was a member of the Senate (upper house).

Has held several government posts: he was Minister of education (1993-1995 and 2004-2005); information technology and mail (1995-1997); social Affairs (2002-2004). In 2007-2012 – the Prime Minister.

During the primaries, Republicans 2016, scored 66.4 per cent of the votes, more than double his rival Alain juppé – and became the candidate from “Republican” in presidential elections.

*”Islamic state” (ISIS) is a banned terrorist organization

The candidate in presidents of France Francois Fillon has promised to fight terror together with Russia, economic reforms and change the EU 21.04.2017

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