The most likely candidate for the post of Chairman of the Party United Kingdom independence (UKIP), whose leader Diane James the day before he resigned, was hospitalized with a serious head injury after a fight with party members.

As reported by The Daily Mail, 49-year-old Steven Wolfe during a scuffle in the European Parliament received a blow to the head, and then out of the window (according to another version, he flew several floors, falling over the railing). Judging by the photos, he was lying unconscious on one of the bridges inside the building.

As explained by the physicians, the wolf was bleeding in the brain.

According to the former leader of UKIP Nigel Faraj, who took over as technical head of the party, Woolf is in critical condition after the internal party bickering that took place among members of the European Parliament from this party in Strasbourg. They gathered for a meeting to “clarify the situation” prevailing in the party after the departure of James.

As tell the sources, who saw the fight, it started with the recognition of the wolf that he was going to defect to the party of Prime Minister Theresa may, as she became interested in the selected course. After his colleague allegedly by the name of Hachem, called it a joke, Wolfe took off his coat and invited him to “come” and handle the situation.

According to a source in the party UKIP, “he said” and “they took off the jackets, went outside to fight”. “Wolfe fell after the impact and hit his head on the partition. Presumably, he was hit only once,” he said. After this policy has had an attack.

Diane James explained his departure due to lack of support from party members. “It has become clear that I do not have sufficient authority and full support of their colleagues in the European Parliament and in the party for the implementation of those changes which I consider necessary and on which I built my campaign,” she wrote. However, the British media noted that James felt uncomfortable in the role of Chairman of UKIP after she spat in one of the stations.

She succeeded as the leader of the British nationalist Nigel Farage, successfully ruled the party for decades. It is not excluded that the charismatic Faraj will return to the post of permanent Chairman of UKIP. Sam Faraj said earlier that his resignation was the right step against the decision of the majority of British exit from the EU.

The candidate of the leaders of the nationalist party of Britain was hospitalized with a head injury after a fight with like-minded people in the European Parliament 06.10.2016

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