At a meeting in the Moscow district military court (MOVS), which considered the case about the murder of Boris Nemtsov, it turned out that the car ZAZ Chance, which the accused, according to investigators, followed the politician, was issued to the Deputy chief of staff of the national Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan of Aliev Hadjimurat. It is reported by “Novaya Gazeta”.

– “Avtostayl” Artem Trapesin who sold the car to one of the defendants, Zaur Dadaev, on the eve told the court that issued the car a photocopy of the passport in the name of Aliyev. According to Trapezina, Dadaev said that Aliyev, his brother, who allegedly is in the hospital after the accident. You need a car for the damages claimed by the suspect.

In turn, Hajimurat Aliyev, giving testimony in court Wednesday, said that with defendants not familiar kinship with Dadaev has not. He also said that the car is a brand not buying. According to Aliyev, he does not know how the data his passport was at the dock.

“I don’t know what it looks like ZAZ Sapce, I never saw it, did not sign any documents, during this period I was in a different place. On the documents of sale of the car is not my signature,” – said during the interrogation the witness, quoted by the Agency city news “Moscow”.

As told Aliyev, in may of 2014, he came to Moscow to re-register a car wife Toyota Camry. Then, with his passport took a photocopy. The witness suggested that perhaps the data of his passport used for the purchase of the car.

The court in early October began consideration of the merits of the criminal case about the murder of Nemtsov. In the dock – Zaur Dadayev, brothers Anzor and Shadid Gubareva, Temirlan Eskerkhanov and Khamzat. They are charged under paragraphs “g, h” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder committed by an organized group on hiring”) and part 3 of article 222 (“Illegal acquisition, transfer, storage, transportation and carrying of firearms and ammunition committed by an organized group”).

At the court hearing at the end of October it became known that the suspects bought the car that they were under surveillance Nemtsov, on false documents. The former owner of ZAZ Chance Sventitskii Julia then said that he had sold the car through firm-the intermediary, the inhabitant of Makhachkala Gadjimurad Aliyev, and his never seen. At the end of 2014, according to the witness, she learned that the car is sold, and came to the company with which the contract was made. There she was given a copy of the contract of purchase and sale, and the original is left, to re-register the car. But in March 2015 it turned out that the machine was never re-issued to the buyer, and the fines came in her name.

According to investigators, the alleged organizer of the murder of Ruslan muhudinov suggested the defendants in the case for 15 million rubles to kill Nemtsov. Initially, to the immediate execution of the order admitted Zaur Dadayev, but then he recanted, saying that he incriminated himself and alleged accomplices under pressure. Of the confession, also refused Anzor Gubashev. At the last examination he stated that the murder was committed Beslan Shavanov. The other defendants in the case claim innocence in the murder and claimed that he did not know the policy.

Criminal proceedings against Shabanova was terminated in connection with his death – he blew himself up during the arrest. Muhudinov November 2015 is an international fugitive, he was arrested in absentia with the approval of the Basmanny court.

The number of people whose involvement in the crime, according to press reports, studied the result, called the officer of the battalion of interior Ministry troops “North” Ruslan Eremeev; his brother Arthur Eremeev – the owner of the apartment Fan on the street in Moscow, where they lived alleged murderers, the commander of the battalion “North” Alibek Delimkhanov; employee of the interior Ministry of the Chechen Republic Aslanbek Chataev; Shamkhan Tazabaev, presumably, occupying the post of Deputy Director of the center of social service of the population; the Senator from Chechnya Suleiman Eremeev, the head of the district police Department for the Shelkovskoy district of Chechnya Waha Eremeev.

In addition, the media tracked the defendants in the case with high-ranking Chechens. So, Zaur Dadaev was the Deputy commander of the battalion “North”, commanded by Alibek Delimkhanov, the brother of the President of Chechnya, a state Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov. Timur Eskerkhanov service will be held at a police station in the Shelkovskoy district of Chechnya, the chief of which is Waha Eremeev cousin Adam Delimkhanov and the brother of the Senator of Chechnya Suleiman Eremeeva. The company commander of the battalion “North” Ruslan Eremeev nephew Adam Delimkhanov and Suleiman Eremeeva.

Boris Nemtsov was killed on the evening of February 27, 2015, when, returning home from the restaurant with the Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya was walking on Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge. The policy was released a few bullets from a pistol, he died on the spot.

The car of the accused in the murder Nemtsov has been issued to the Deputy head of Parliament of Dagestan 09.11.2016

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