The alleged killer of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov bought the car with false documents, it became clear at the meeting of the Moscow district military court. As transfers RIA “Novosti”, the first owner of ZAZ Chance Julia Sventitskii said that he sold it through a company intermediary one resident of Makhachkala, but the car was never reissued.

The state Prosecutor Maria Semenenko said: “From the seizure of documents of the company “avtoalyans”, engaged in sale of cars Sventitskii, it follows that the October 20, 2014 acquired the said car ZAZ Chance a resident of Makhachkala hajimurad Aliyev”. She also showed the jury copies of the documents of sale of the car with the captions “Aliyev or Aliyeva”, and noted that later will show the results of the examination of these signatures.

She Sventitskii argues that at no time this man had not seen. At the end of 2014, according to her, she learned that the car is sold, and came to the company with which the contract was made. There she was given a copy of the contract of purchase and sale, and the original is left to itself to re-register the vehicle without her presence. But in March 2015 it turned out that the machine was never re-issued to the buyer, and the fines came in her name.

Also at the meeting it was said that the examination of the FSB showed that biomaterials collected from the headrest of the car ZAZ Chance, which moved the alleged killers of Boris Nemtsov, belongs to Shadid Gubareva. The Prosecutor Maria Semenenko also noted that in the ZAZ Chance was seized fragments of the CD, the biological material which, according to the examination belongs to Anzor Gubareva.

The suspects denied that they were in the car. “I would like the Prosecutor sounded, how they got there, my genetics, – quotes the treatment sadida Gubareva to judge “the Media”. – I know I never was in the car. Let them tell you how they kidnapped me”. The judge in turn asked the jury not to take into account his words, not for the machine.

The Deputy of the Yaroslavl regional Duma Boris Nemtsov was killed late in the evening of 27 February 2015. Politics, on his way home with his girlfriend, Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya, shot on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge. The killer fired six bullets in the back Nemtsov, four of them reached the goal. By this time the car of the accomplice of the gunman caught up with the scene, the killer got in the car and they left. Nemtsov died on the spot from the received wounds.

According to investigators, the murder of a politician committed five Chechens for the promised reward in the amount of 15 million rubles. Investigators believe that Nemtsov was shot Zaur Dadaev. In June 2016, the Investigative Committee stated that it has completed the investigation into the murder, and sent it to the Prosecutor.

The defendants have family ties with high-ranking Chechens. Zaur Dadaev was the Deputy commander of the battalion “North”, commanded by Alibek Delimkhanov, the brother of the President of Chechnya, a state Duma Deputy Adam Delimkhanov. Timur Eskerkhanov service will be held at a police station in the Shelkovskoy district of Chechnya, the chief of which is Waha Eremeev cousin Adam Delimkhanov and the brother of the Senator of Chechnya Suleiman Eremeeva, who was a defendant in a number of high-profile criminal cases. And the commander of the battalion “North” Ruslan Eremeev nephew Adam Delimkhanov and Suleiman Eremeeva.

The lawyers on this case earlier demanded to interrogate “on the subject of involvement in the murder of” a number of senior officials in Chechnya, including the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. However, the investigators refused to do so.

The car of the accused in the murder of Nemtsov was purchased on fake documents 27.10.2016

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