The cargo spacecraft Cygnus launched into space by rocket with the Russian engines, docked to the ISS. This was reported on the website of the American space Agency NASA.

The docking took place normally. The spacecraft delivered supplies and scientific equipment for the crew of the 49-th expedition: Russians Sergey Ryzhikov, Anatoly Ivanishin and Andrei Borisenko, Americans Robert Shane Kimbrough and Kathleen Rubens and Japanese Takuya Onishi.

Cargo spacecraft delivered to the ISS 2.3 tons of cargo, in particular water, food, supplies and scientific equipment. In addition, Cygnus brought the equipment to output into space miniature satellites designed to monitor weather on Earth.

To start was the centre of attention, as 22 of March 2014, the Antares rocket with the spacecraft exploded on the launch pad. While continued refinement and testing of the Antares with a new power plant, its manufacturer, Orbital ATK company, used to send his “truck” vehicle Atlas V consortium United Launch Alliance, created by Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

The cargo ship Cygnus docked with the ISS 23.10.2016

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