Traveling ticket cashier successfully took birth from a young passenger in a suburban train between chunoyar – it’s running in the Boguchany and Nizhneingashskiy districts of the Krasnoyarsk territory, according to the regional Department of Russian Railways.

A young mother got on the train at the station between pokanayevka and almost immediately started to give birth. To help her come ticket cashier of JSC “Krasprigorod” Olesya psareva, who is a therapist by training and to employment on the railroad for several years worked in medicine. She acted as midwife.

The birth went well, came to light the girl. The arrival of the train at the station’s 28-year-old mother and her newborn daughter were waiting for the ambulance that brought both to the maternity ward Nizhneingashskiy rayon hospital. They’re all fine. A girl named Maria, the report said.

“The woman felt ill during the night and until the morning I waited for arrival of the train to get to the nearest hospital,” – said Psarev. – However, the birth process is uncontrolled, and the child was born in the wagon”.

In “Krasprigorod” noted that in this area, such cases are not uncommon, since many settlements in this area there are no roads. So this train, which makes one flight a day – in the morning’s and evening in between chunoyar, is the main form of transport. Locals travel on it for work, study and medical institutions.

Meanwhile, there are many cases when extra to take delivery had people far from medical activities. Most often, unwitting midwives to become police officers.

So, in February 2015, the inspector of traffic police delivered a baby right in the car at a stationary post near Tyumen. Similar story happened in may this year in the U.S. Los Angeles, where police stopped rushing at great speed the car of a woman who’s about to give birth.

The cashier took the Krasnoyarsk childbirth in the train 14.10.2016

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