Causing disease drowsiness of the driver could become the reason of wreck of a passenger train in the U.S. city of Hoboken (new Jersey), injuring more than 100 people. About this AP reported, citing anonymous sources.

After the crash revealed that the driver, Thomas Gallagher suffers from the syndrome of sleep apnea. This disease is characterized by the cessation of pulmonary ventilation during sleep. Due to the fact that people with this diagnosis constantly Wake up at night, they develop increased daytime sleepiness, accompanied by memory impairment and constant fatigue and decreased performance. AR claims that Gallagher probably suffering from this disease for a long time, however, the diagnosis was made after the disaster.

As recalled by TASS, from sleep apnea suffered including the driver of that crashed in new York in 2013. Then killed four people.

Accident in which one person died and 114 were injured, took place in Hoboken (new Jersey) on September 29. Suburban commuter train, in which there were more than 250 passengers, did not reduce speed before approaching the stations. He’s at full speed and crashed into a brake buffer, standing at the end of the train tracks, and then rammed the platform, hit the metal poles that supported the canopy over the station. As a result, the ceiling fell on the roof of the first car. The accident occurred in the morning rush, when the platform was very crowded. The driver, according to him, does not remember the time of the crash.

The cause of the train crash in new Jersey could be causing disease drowsiness of the driver 17.11.2016

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