The Russian Central Bank decided to maintain the model change citizen non-state pension Fund (NPF). About it as transfers TASS, said the Chairman of Bank of Russia Vladimir chistyukhin at the round table in the Public chamber.

Now to transfer from one NPF to another, or return the savings to the Pension Fund of the Russian citizen to enter into a contract with the new Fund and to submit the corresponding application to the pension Fund.

The new model assumes that the participant of the pension system will need to first contact the existing Fund to match the risk of loss of investment income.

The current system of transition from Fund in Fund not perfect and generates a sufficient number of disputes decided in the CBA. In this regard, on the grounds of the state Duma and the government is working on improving the mechanism of change NPF changes in the law, said the representative of the regulator.

“We will support the model in which a citizen who took the decision to move to another Fund should be required to apply to the Fund, which manages pension savings at the moment. This Fund will have to notify the citizen about the amount of investment income that may be lost when you switch to another Fund”, – explained the position of the Central Bank Chistyuhin.

In turn, the citizen will have to agree on a conscious loss of investment income. Have to do it either electronically or in person to sign it, said the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

According to the Bank of Russia, in the first half of 2016 to the service for protection of consumer rights, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on issues of the NPF has received 1,000 complaints, of which 45% of the citizens complained about different aspects of the transition from one Fund to another.

“This is an illegal transfer of pension savings, signing contracts OPS fraudulently, that the failure to notify the funds of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation about newly concluded contracts, the loss of investment income during the transition”, – said Chistyukhin.

For 2015, he said, changed the Fund’s 7.4 million people. Including from the PFR to NPF moved just over 4 million people, changed NPF – more than 3 million people, 100 thousand people decided to return the funds to the FIU.

The Central Bank supports the new scheme of transfer of pension savings between funds 20.10.2016

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