The Deputy Chairman of the Board “Gazprom” Valery Golubev said that because of the passing of his house in the village Bibikovo in the Tver region of the main gas pipeline “Yamal-Europe” in the surrounding forest ceased to grow mushrooms.

Communicating with the participants of the Moscow forum “Gas of Russia” and journalists, he told me how to export pipeline to Germany and Poland changed the ecological situation in the microregions.

“The pipe went through and crossed all the paths of migration of cows, – quotes its “Interfax”. – The cow can’t go to the forest to eat grass. Before the cow was walking through the woods, the ferns broke out. Now don’t go into the forest, the grass in the forest do not eat, the forest is overgrown – no longer grow mushrooms”.

“There were some nice ceps – like a cork from champagne. Here the impact on the environment. A lot of gas, but very high pressure,” – said Golubev.

However, he lamented that his house is not connected to gas network: “I tell you, my country house near Torzhok in the Tver region, between St. Petersburg and Moscow, right on the route Moscow – Leningrad. Passes by the gas pipeline “Yamal – Europe”, is the Torzhok compressor station. In our village Bibikovo, in which Pushkin visited is the Museum of Pushkin, no natural gas. The cylinders we carry from Torzhok”.

The Chairman of the Board “Gazprom” has told, how from-for gas pipeline “Yamal – Europe” has stopped growing. 10.12.2015

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