Coordinator of the hotline project “the,” Anton Drozdov was kidnapped in Moscow, said the head of the human rights community Mr Seckin. Before the abduction, it became known that against the human rights activist is preparing a provocation.

The Seckin, reported the kidnapping Drozdov in a statement to the head of the MIA, the head of the Moscow Department of the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor of Moscow with the request to arrange a test. The document posted on the website “the”. In a statement, Seckin said that on October 18 at 21:06 on his phone I received a call from Drozdov. The coordinator said that “is in the same apartment as he got there, he did not understand’ does not mean that he’s being held there by force, that he had been poisoned or has introduced a psychotropic drug to suppress the will.”

Thrush also reported that there is “some strange wires and iron”, not excluding that this “torture flat” and would torture him. Then the connection is terminated and the number that called human rights activist, stopped responding.

The Seckin suggested that Drozdov are going to not only torture, but can kill. “Before Anton Drozdov said about threats to him by traitors to the interests of the state service from among unscrupulous law enforcement officials and criminal leaders,” the statement noted.

In connection with the abduction of human rights defender and head of “the,” demanded that the interior Ministry, the SC and the Prosecutor’s office “to immediately organize the inspection in accordance with article 306 of the criminal code on the grounds of a crime under article 126 of the criminal code (“Kidnapping”. – Approx., to take urgent measures to organizations scan in order St. St. 144-145 of the criminal procedure code and the criminal case on the fact of abduction and forcible retention of Anton Drozdova E., and signs of preparation for his murder.”

The day before the alleged abduction of the coordinator of the Seckin saidthat the security services in Moscow are preparing a provocation against Drozdov’s arrest and subsequent punishment. The head of the project said that the defender was trying to throw a weapon or drugs. “According to my information, Anton want, in fact, to take hostages and to demand from him the testimony (the essence of slander) against me and colleagues” – wrote the head of the community. The Seckin said that they, along with Drozdov has collected an array of information about corruption and mafia in the FPS Primorye, where “entwined Colonel of the Federal penitentiary service and the criminal authorities”.

Social network is a community of independent human rights defenders that monitor violations of prisoners ‘ rights and combating torture, corruption and tyranny of unscrupulous law enforcement officers.

The Chapter “The not present” reported about the abduction in Moscow project coordinator 19.10.2016

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