On the eve of new year holidays chief narcologist of Russia Yevgeny Bryun advised the Russians not to overdo it with the creation of a festive mood, so as not to suffer. He urged not to get involved in new year’s eve no alcohol, no snacks, because in the dark the liver goes to sleep and cope with stress can not.

“Drink and eat something light, because the liver at this time of day is sleeping and nothing processed. Any excess food and excess alcohol is lethal load on our poor organism”, – he said in comments TASS. According to him, white wine and light fish starters give less perceptible strain on the body.

Tips psychiatrist and addressed to the lovers of toast. “A toast, talking rarely, not part of,” said Bruin, urging me to take more breaks in between the libations, and it is better to walk in the fresh air. The total amount of alcohol should not be more than 100 grams.

He noted the advantages of low-alcohol beverages. “Most women don’t drink enough and I drink usually light beverages. And retain human form. And guys prevent the champagne with vodka, and this shape lose,” – says Brune.

The interior Ministry called choose alcohol wisely

The chief psychiatrist of the country also stressed that mixing alcoholic drinks with carbonated not worth it. “Alcohol, mixed with soda, is just fighting a toxic weapon,” he explained. Note that due to the presence of carbon dioxide bubbles absorbed the alcohol into the blood faster and sooner the intoxication.

Brune noted that over the past year recorded a significant decrease in the level of alcohol consumed by Russians. He suggested that next year drinking in Russia will be even less. But just in case since February of 2016 in Moscow will start to work drug three field crews.

“The doctor will provide an emergency treatment for heavy drinking and severe withdrawal syndrome, and, if necessary, transports the patient to the clinic,” said Brune, the Agency “Moscow”. What phone number will work brigades is still unknown.

The interior Ministry urged to choose alcohol wisely

Meanwhile, in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia advises to carefully choose alcoholic beverages because the New year usually increases the number of counterfeit products.

“Counterfeit alcohol is not only found in the wholesale markets, but also in shops. The use of such drinks can cause mass food poisoning to cause irreparable harm to the health of consumers,” – noted in the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The Department explained that the illegal origin of alcohol show a few signs of fake excise stamps. “This is printed on self-adhesive paper, which has a special radiation by ultraviolet light. It’s embedded holographic foil with a pattern and repeated images of the emblem of the Russian Federation and abbreviation of the Russian Federation”, – explained in the Ministry.

Official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin has repeatedly drawn attention to the inadmissibility of purchase of alcohol in dubious places, the Internet or for too low prices, and even more with it.

Previously from it’s surrogate suffered dozens of Russians in different regions of the country. In this regard, the General Prosecutor of Russia Yuri Chaika has been instructed to conduct inspections in the regions in the sphere of turnover of alcoholic products.

In past years about the dangers of alcohol were not tired to remind the Russians now former chief doctor of the country Gennady Onishchenko. “About alcohol I’m not saying – many of our citizens about him, hopefully, begin to forget and impose a regime of restraint”, – he said two years ago. Onishchenko also urged to completely ban the sale of alcohol on weekends.

The chief psychiatrist of the Russian Federation recognized the mixture of alcohol with soda “military weapon” 29.12.2015

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