Ombudsman for children under the President of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova supported the position of Patriarch Kirill, who yesterday signed an open letter to citizens for a total ban on abortions in Russia. TASS Kuznetsova said that anti-abortion advocates “the whole civilized world.”

Prior to the appointment of the Ombudsman for children Kuznetsov worked in the charity Fund “Pokrov”, which, including deals and pre-abortion counseling, that is, persuades the upcoming abortion women not to do it.

Commenting on the initiative for the abolition of abortion, Kuznetsova said that to date, there is extensive experience of joint work of the state and society for the prevention of abortion, and this practice should continue. “The entire civilized world not the first acts against the phenomenon of abortion, and we support this position, of course, believe that this issue requires a systemic approach. Now we can talk about building a successful practice in Russia on the joint work of the state public institutions for the prevention of abortion,” she said.

She stressed that the measures of state support of abortions has already shown its effectiveness. “At the legislative level, the amendments to the Federal law “About bases of health protection in RF”, next came the recommendation of the Ministry of health to work with pregnant women that gave a positive result. The country has about 900 special counseling rooms, last year alone, more 266,5 thousand women turned for advice and aid, and 67 thousand managed to dissuade abortion – led statistics Kuznetsova. – This work should continue, with emphasis on the protection of traditional family values, support of motherhood and families with children, help young families, improvement of programs of education of the younger generation.”

Previously on the website of the Moscow Patriarchate has reported that the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill signed an open letter to the citizens of banning abortion. The authors of the appeal, the text of which was agreed with the Patriarchal Commission on family matters, protection of motherhood and childhood, in favor of a ban on abortion. They require making legislative changes aimed at recognizing “conceived for children the status of human beings, life, health and well-being which should be protected by law.” They also advocate for a ban on surgical and medical abortions, ban contraceptives with abortive effects, the prohibition of “assisted reproductive technology, an integral component of which is human dignity, the humiliation and murder of children in the initial stages of embryonic development.”

Later, the press Secretary of Patriarch Kirill, the priest Alexander Volkov denied widespread media information about what the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church signed an appeal on the complete prohibition of abortions in Russia. According to him, referred to in the document, which was approved by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, about the withdrawal of services provision of abortion from the compulsory health insurance system (MHI).

The children’s Ombudsman has supported the restriction of abortion – against them “whole civilized world” 28.09.2016

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