The TV station CCTV published a touching story of a little monkey who got lost in Jiangxi province in Eastern China and came to the herd of goats.

The farmer who owns the goats, said that the monkey lives with his Pets for five days. “When I found it, the monkey was in a distant part of the forest. When she saw me, she tried to escape, maybe I was scared. And then climbed into the back of the goat,” translates his story to the British Mirror.

Apparently, on the neck of the black goat of a tiny monkey felt safe. Every evening when the farmer drove the goats into the corral for the night, he found that the monkey is inseparable from his foster mom.

“I was trying to feed the monkey bananas, but she refused and hung, clutching the coat to death,” he says. When the herd went to pasture, the adopted child had to sit on the coveted goat.

Apparently, the monkey does not weigh more than three pounds. Local authorities responsible for the protection of wild animals, saying that it will have to unhook from the goats and send to the zoo and then prepare to return to their natural habitat. Mashable writes that violent, though the solution will break the hearts of people around the world, omiljenih video with a touching couple.

The Chinese authorities threaten to separate the little monkey and her foster mother-the goat (VIDEO) 17.11.2016

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