The police of Yunnan province in China have arrested 27-year-old Yang Kingbee who is suspected of mass murder. For one night only on 28 September, the attacker took the life of nearly two dozen people, including his parents, who were the first victims. The other man killed to hide the traces of violence, writes The South China Morning Post.

The motive for the murder suspect’s parents was that they refused to pay his gambling debts. After the massacre, the rage of the gambler, was replaced by fear of exposure. In an effort to escape punishment, the man decided to kill other people. He believed that when a large number of victims it will be difficult to get to the causes of the massacre and to find traces of him.

All 19 murders took place in the settlement Yema. The youngest victim was three years old, very old – 72 years. All the victims were members of six families.

The villagers are shocked by the crime of the villager. They describe the detained young Kingia as a quiet and friendly man who never fought.

My wife and family Kingia can’t believe he committed this brutal massacre. When this woman recognized that her husband has been estranged from the family for the last time and began to give less money for domestic needs. The last few months, the woman received from the faithful 500 yuan (less $ 75), while previously this amount was twice as much.

However, the suspect’s wife and could not think that her husband was involved in the murder, misleading “vestige”.

And cousin Kingia not understand, how generally such a thin and small man, what is young, was able to kill 19 people in one night. The image of a cold-blooded killer does not fit with the fact that young liked the role of a caring head of the family. He loved to post on the social network Wechat photo of her daughter.

Meanwhile, Kingpai has confessed in a terrible crime.

We would add that the village of Yema located high in the mountains. Its inhabitants are engaged in the collection of lilies and strawberries. Youth in this village is almost there.

Additionally, in August 2016, in Gansu province, was prosecuted serial killer who was at large since 1988, nearly 30 years. According to investigators, the man killed 11 women and girls, one of whom was only eight years old.

The Chinese killed in one night 17 people to cover his tracks after killing parents 03.10.2016

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