The Moscow city Duma on Wednesday, may 17, will consider the bill on the renovation made by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. However, the city Prosecutor’s office on the eve pointed out that the text needs work, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”. The authors of the bill, in particular, does not stipulate the legal consequences of a vote of the owners with the exception of the renovation program at the meeting of the apartment building, said the Supervisory Agency. The conclusion is sent to the MHD Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow Konstantin Flint.

Moscow bill amount less the Federal and is intended to complement it. State-legal Department of the office of MHD and MHD Commission on municipal economy and housing policy have supported.

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office in its opinion indicates that the Federal law establishing the foundations of the renovation has not been adopted. After its passage through the state Duma “may require a significant adjustment”, the act as adopted by the city, the document says.

The Prosecutor pointed out that part 2 of article 3 of the draft law allows at any stage of the renovation program to hold a General meeting of owners of apartment buildings to make “the decision to exclude this house from the renovation program”. However, the legal consequences of such decision, the draft law is not settled, pointed out in the conclusion of the senior assistant Prosecutor on interaction with representative and Executive authorities Irina zaluzhnaya. Thus, the article needs to be expanded in conjunction with the Housing code.

Zaluzhnaya also pointed to the ambiguity of the wording and the terms used. In the capital bill is inaccurate uses of the concept of the LCD: “the General meeting of owners” and “General meeting”. Used the terms “superior finish”, “aesthetic function”, “contemporary panel design”, “high energy efficiency”, “modern standards of fit”, “variable layout”, “lean drop” and others,” she said. The project needs to be expanded, said the assistant Prosecutor.

Earlier, the state Duma postponed consideration of the bill on renovation in Moscow on 5 July. Until 21 June extended the deadline for amendments to the bill. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has submitted to the state Duma a draft law on guarantees for Muscovites for renovation.

The city Prosecutor’s office found an error in the bill renovation 17.05.2017

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