Alexandra Tolstaya, the civil wife and the mother of three children of the beneficiary of Mezhprombank Sergey Pugachev, appealed to London’s High court with the requirement about the division of property and child support payments for three children. Sources of RBC believe that the claim can be matched with Pugachev and caused by an attempt to protect at least a portion of its assets from the Russian Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV).

Sources in the banking market say that the lawsuit was filed a few months ago, the sum of the requirements of Tolstoy is not disclosed. Earlier, the civil wife of Pugachev visited one of the court sessions in London at the suit of the ASV, which addressed the issue of disclosure of the property of the banker, hidden behind trusts.

In 2014, London’s High court arrested the property of the Pugachev 1.2 million pounds and ordered him to disclose sources. Of special interest ACB called trusts because they had concentrated most of the property. In may 2016 , it was reportedthat the court arrested property and assets of the former banker and Senator in France, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands, but his representatives denied this information.

DIA confirmed the filing of the Colon of the claim for division of property, noting that the process takes place behind closed doors. In turn, representatives of the Pugachev say they are not aware of any financial requirements on the part of the Colon. According to media reports, previously, the representatives of the banker denied the data about the requirements of the DIA. “Pugachev and Thick, never been married, and they have no joint property”, – said the representative of the banker, adding that the specially created trust pays for the education and maintenance of children, who are now four, six and seven years, with 10 thousand pounds.

RBC experts believe that the lawsuit of Alexandra Tolstoy to Sergei Pugachev can be “friendly” and to be planned by joint action of the spouses, directed to protect the assets of Pugachev.

“Usually family requirements are put in priority over the claims of other creditors. Logically, if a wife sues for child support for the children, therefore, will be the first creditor who can claim the money Joe. If between Pugachev and Thick, a good relationship – we can not exclude that the claim was agreed upon between them”, – said the adviser of law firm Freehills Herbert Smyth Stanislav Grigoriev.

Pugachev was included in the list of Russian billionaires and had the reputation of being “the banker of Orthodox forces”. In 2008, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at two billion dollars – then the businessman has occupied 50-e a place in rating of the richest Russians.

He was the chief beneficiary of the bankrupt in 2010, the “Mezhprombank”. During the inspection of a credit institution revealed that a significant portion of loans are not secured by collateral. The Bank of Russia revoked the “Mezhprombank” license. In January 2011 the main investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across Moscow brought criminal case upon deliberate bankruptcy of Mezhprombank. The case was initiated at the request of the Agency for Deposit insurance, which was the bankruptcy Trustee of the Bank. The damage is estimated at about 100 billion rubles ($1.5 billion).

C 2010 Pugachev was accused under the article “Appropriation or embezzlement committed by an organized group in especially large size” the criminal code. In 2014 the DIA filed a lawsuit in a London court. 15 July 2014 court order for the arrest of its assets worldwide in the amount of 1.171 billion pounds. Some of its assets were sold to ASV.

Interpol on Russia’s request, announced Pugachev, the international wanted list. In may 2015 the protection of a banker found a tracking device in his car, which was reported to the police. In June 2015, Pugachev moved from the UK to France in violation of the order of the High court, whereby he was prohibited from leaving the jurisdiction. Pugachev claims that violated the prohibition on departure from the UK, fearing for his life and that of his family. The British authorities issued a warrant for his arrest.

According to ASV, Pugachev 2015 is in France, where he moved from Britain, “to avoid the disclosure of information about their assets.”

In February 2016 the High court of England has sentenced a banker in absentia to two years in prison for contempt of court and payment of 75% of legal costs.

The civil wife of the banker Pugachev demanded the division of property and child support for three children 28.11.2016

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