The coach of the Dutch skaters Yak ori, working with three-time Olympic champion Sven Kramer and other leaders of the national team of the Netherlands said he feared the manipulation of doping tests during the world Cup final, to be held in Chelyabinsk from 10 to 12 March 2017.

In December the independent Commission WADA under the leadership of Richard McLaren published the second part of the report on doping abuse in Russia. Then from the representatives of different sports, there are increasing calls to boycott certain events in the territory of the Russian Federation.

After several national federations were going to boycott the world championship, 2017 bobsleigh and skeleton in Sochi, the tournament was moved to Germany and Norway, the UK and the Czech Republic have announced their intention to boycott the world Cup stage on biathlon in Tyumen.

The international skating Union (ISU) in July announced that the final of the world Cup speed skating season 2016/17 will be held in Chelyabinsk, despite the fact that earlier the international Olympic Committee (IOC) urged the international Federation of winter sports to suspend the preparations for the international competitions on the territory of the Russian Federation in connection with doping scandals in the Russian sports.

In December, the IOC “until further notice” has extended sanctions against Russia, including the country in international sports events.

Ori, said earlier that needs to be done “risk analysis” for the competition in Chelyabinsk, has expressed fears that Russia may engage in a substitution not only doping tests their athletes, as indicated by McLaren, but also representatives of other countries.

“What the Russian are doing with the urine samples of their athletes, they can do with samples of others” – quotes ori, who also noted that from missing the world Cup final in Chelyabinsk will not be affected the preparation of the Dutch skaters to the Olympics in 2018 in Phenchhane.

“In any case, next year will be the Olympics. In this context, we are not dependent on the world Cup final in Chelyabinsk. That is, you can skip this tournament fairly painless,” said the coach.

The head of the Royal skating Union of the Netherlands (KNSB) Arie Kops, quoted ad.nlsaid, that the Union has contacted ISU and waits for his decision.

“We contacted the ISU, and the Dutch anti-doping Agency. We were assured that the doping control at the tournament will be in the hands of German experts. We continue to wait for the reaction of ISU,” said Kops.

Sven Kramer, in turn, said that not familiar with the report of the McLaren and he was not to comment on it. Two-time Olympic champion, American Shani Davis noted that what is happening in Russia, “a little fun”, drew attention to the “R-Sport”.

The coach of the Dutch skaters are afraid substitution of doping tests at the world Cup in Chelyabinsk 22.12.2016

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