Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has announced that it will pass money received as the Nobel peace prize, the families of the victims of the civil war in the country. The Nobel Committee awarded him for applied for armistice between the rebels and the government forces.

“The prize belongs to Colombians, especially those who suffered from the war. My family decided to transfer the money to the victims,” wrote Santos in his Twitter.

As explained by the Nobel Committee to award the Nobel peace prize for the year 2016, it was agreed by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos “for his determined efforts, which ended the lasted more than 50 years of civil war that claimed the lives of at least 220 thousand Colombians and forced to flee their homes and about six million people.”

The cash equivalent of the Nobel peace prize is eight million Swedish kronor (about 975 thousand dollars). Also Santos was awarded with a gold medal and a diploma.

June 24, 2016 the government of Colombia and FARC militants of the organization signed a ceasefire agreement. The agreements reached involve the disarmament of the rebels and their temporal concentration in 23 areas of the country, which will create eight special camps for the gradual reintegration of ex-fighters of the FARC into civilian life. To disarm them is given 180 days.

Confrontation between Colombian authorities and left-wing extremists from the FARC – the longest time the conflict between the government and rebels in the history of the Western hemisphere. The FARC (“Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia”) appeared in 1966, amid the discontent of the inhabitants of the country’s social inequality.

The Nobel peace prize is awarded to the person, “who is the greatest and best of all have worked to strengthen brotherhood among peoples, in order to dissolve or reduce the existing army, or to those who have contributed to the peace negotiations”.

The Colombian President will give the money from the Nobel peace prize to victims of the civil war 10.10.2016

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