A military court in Warsaw sentenced the officer of Polish army, Lieutenant-Colonel Th. Zbigniew, to six years in prison for espionage in favor of Russia. The decision of the court has not yet entered into force. Court spokesman Thomas Krajewski told “Rzeczpospolita”that the defendant voluntarily admitted his guilt.

As specifies the edition, the spy also sentenced to five years deprivation of civil rights and confiscation of mobile phone and 16.5 thousand zlotys (about 5.5 thousand euros), which he earned in the course of illegal activity. According to Krajewski, the defense intends to appeal.

Military who worked in the Department of education and promotion of the Ministry of defense, was arrested in October 2014, since then he was in custody. His case was heard by three professional judges. The prosecution argued that he had transferred to a foreign state information, which can cause damage Use. Zbigniew faced up to 15 years in prison.

After a suspect is arrested by the Polish security services announced that we are talking about cooperation with the Russian military intelligence (GRU). The evidence against the officer were collected in the internal security Agency of Poland, the defense Ministry and the military counterintelligence service. At the same time was detained the lawyer Stanislav S., who has dual citizenship. He also acted in favor of Russia. The indictment in his case forwarded to the district court in Warsaw in may, but the date of hearings is not appointed yet.

According to information “Radio Poland”, Zbigniew and his accomplice were handed over to Russian intelligence data relating to disciplinary proceedings against the Polish troops. Thus the Russian intelligence received data of hundreds of soldiers who violated discipline, up to suspicion of crimes. This allowed us to assess which of them can induce cooperation.

By the time of arrest for Colonel followed for two years. In August 2014 the spy was awarded the medal for his years of service to lull his vigilance.

In reports of the Polish intelligence services noted the “high level” activities of Russian intelligence services in the country. As noted by the media, mainly Moscow was interested in discrediting the position of Poland and other NATO members regarding the Ukrainian crisis. During this period, the two Russian diplomats were declared persona non grata due to the fact that their activities were incompatible with diplomatic status. Since 2000 for espionage in favor of Russia were convicted three Polish officers.

The Colonel of the Polish army, was sentenced to 6 years in prison for espionage in favor of Russia 30.05.2016

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