OOO “Bergus”, which is going to run the plant for the production of condoms in the village of Bogolyubovo, Vladimir region, only knows about five people, indignant that intention. That’s the number of signatures stood under a letter from the manufacturer Bogolubova who are sickened by the prospect of the production of contraception to their homeland. The company explained that the production, despite the dissatisfaction of the faithful, to move nowhere, but the residents of the village, its representatives are ready to meet.

Assistant Director of “Bergus” Roman Komov told the radio station “Moscow speaking”that the information in the press about protests against the start of production of condoms in the hierarchy greatly exaggerated. “November 22, OOO “Bergus” asked the resident of the village Bogolyubovo. She was transferred to the company management letter, which bears five signatures. Thus in the hierarchy is home to 5500 people,” explained a company representative.

According to Komov, despite the fact that protesting a minority, the management firm is ready to satisfy contained in the letter of request and to personally meet with the signatories to discuss the question of organization in the village production of medical and hygienic products. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 24. At the same time, the com noted that the company intends to take into account the opinions of five people, but the majority of local residents who approve of the creation in the hierarchy of jobs.

Sergey Smirnov: “the hurt feelings – a serious illness”

The assistant Director made clear that to move production of condoms in another place the firm is not going to because it is not able to. “To move production to another place is not possible. The company “Bergus” there are no other industrial sites. In addition, most of the residents Bogolyubov considers that the plant needs to be in their village to give them jobs, salaries and make payments to the budget”, – said Komov.

Two days earlier, Vladimir newspaper Prizyv published a letter to the residents of Bogolyubovo, which is expressed protest against the launch in the village of “enterprise for the production of contraceptives, diapers and other articles of personal hygiene”. The authors of the message believe condoms products “to meet the sinful carnal needs.”

In the opinion of the drafters of the letter, the plant for the production of contraceptives may not be located in Bogolyubovo, where according to legend, Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky was the mother of God. By 21 November the document was supported by about 20 people.

Also the intention to start production outraged the Confessor of the public movement “For faith and Fatherland,” hieromonk Nikon (Levachev-Belavenets). Pensioner Svetlana Smirnova from Bogolyubov made in the local media criticized the initiative, stating that due to the issue of contraception in the village will be abused the word “God” (the manufacturer is forced to place it on each bundle, mentioning the place of manufacture of the goods).

Also critical notes appeared in the local group in the social network “Vkontakte” and on the website of the Svyato-Bogolyubsky convent. In the message of the monastery with indignation noted that the company producing condoms, going to open on the former site of a brick factory, “arranged before the revolution for the construction of Bogolyubsky of temples”.

In the Russian Orthodox Church on the news about the launch of the company reacted with restraint, refusing to intervene in the Affairs of the business. The Secretary of the Vladimir diocese for external Church relations Evgeniy Lipatov said that the diocese is not engaged in manufacturing enterprises.

The scandal broke around the company “KIT” from Vladimir, is known primarily for production of medical masks, Shoe covers and caps. In April 2015 the company started the production of condoms Torex premium. The company also produces a more affordable option for protection called “Gladiator”.

In October Vladimir, the media reported that on the territory of the former brick factory in the hierarchy will start new production plant “Bergus”, the managing partner of which is General Director of the Vladimir company “KIT”. It was noted that the new facility early next year will launch a condom brand Torex and “Gladiator”, and also baby diapers under the brand “Lola” and Bandaids.

The company’s commitment to sustainability to produce condoms in Bogolyubovo, only know about five perturbed by this plan the residents 24.11.2016

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