The leadership of the Republican orphanage for disabled and
elderly in Yakutsk began to avenge pensioners complained
Russian President Vladimir Putin to hunger and the harsh conditions in
this institution. About “pressure” from the Director mentioned in an interview
the author of the open letter, the 72-year-old woman, whose name the editors do not
calls. As it turns out local information
Agency YSIA,
employed correcting the tainted image of a boarding school, we are talking about
Lyudmila Stepanova.

“Basically, the hotel also offers a boarding school to say something against the authorities
I’m afraid for me after my complaints in the press under pressure:
sent to the principal for a conversation, a psychologist with me double-talk
for a long time, everybody recognized,” – said Stepanov Rus2Web.

Despite this, the woman continued to talk about the injustices.
“I used to work a lot: in the interior, and agriculture, and Navy – my husband and I went in the Laptev sea for large bulk carriers. I have seven
great-grandchildren. I earned a decent old age?” –
she is indignant.

“Now in the boarding home for the elderly and disabled on the street
Beketov, 6 in Yakutsk contains 151 people, 40 of them lying,
which to serve themselves can not” – said the pensioner. “I’m here
there are four months, during that time I never gave any
the clothes in here, and go in some sneakers. Money
clothes for the elderly the school supposedly is not” – complained

In the interview, she repeated her complaint to a meager diet and the removal of most
part of the pension. “Over here is the contents in the orphanage every month
take 75% of the pension. I have a pension of 13 thousand rubles, after deducting from
I almost have nothing left. And the heads of the orphanage in the neighboring house – “fair” – deliberately arranges for himself and his guests a feast
mountain. 13 th of last month he received a pension, and in the evening
the guidance in the “fair” greeted the guests. We can not afford the buffet
a piece of sausage for tea or something to buy, where guests are feasting,
machine stand. In the canteen of the boarding school’s black list, the elderly take
going to debt, it is debt had climbed. We women, though we
70. And hand cream, and perfume you want, and in a cafe to go get something
delicious pohlebat, not of food without taste and smell,” – said in

Yakut, the Agency presented its view of the world of a boarding school: “all
nice and family”, “hunger will not die”

First complaint, written from the words of the inhabitants of the orphanage, published 26
Oct Yakut newspaper “Communist”, printed on Yakut
Republican regional branch of the Communist party. When a letter arrived in
the Internet, the information Agency of the Republic of YSIA
began to deny this information.

November 3, the Agency cited excerpts from an interview with the author
message Lyudmila Stepanova, where it is said that she wrote it
letter on emotion, not understanding, and that paint in her letter condensed.
“YSIA got acquainted with the living conditions in the nursing home: Yes, menu
no frills, but hunger will not die – for Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and
dinner is porridge, soups, salads and second. Prepared according to
those standards. In the rooms guests live on the three, each
equipped with bathroom and shower. A spacious lobby with Billiards,
chess tables, soft chairs. All nice and family” –
according to the material.

The article contains a hint that a letter of complaint to the pensioner revealed her forever
unhappy neighbor: “What inspired you to write such a pensioner
“terrible” letter, remains not fully elucidated. Maybe the boredom and
maybe with someone’s pointer”. The Agency gives a quote from the words
pensioner: “I Got a Gal, she had to live in
the same room, but did not agree character, because she’s always something
dissatisfied, I visited all orphanages of the city, the poor woman.
Honestly, she asked me to write such a letter, and then took
back his words. But I in no way want to shift the
blame on the other person, it’s my creativity”.

In an interview YSIA pensioner living in a boarding school since July,
told absolutely about other impressions: “I was always asked:
are you doing here? I said not a word, I’m cool!” In
a text version of the report quote continues: “Especially in summer when
there were greenhouses and I helped to monitor the vegetable garden. I need a job. Here
spacious, breathe easy in the summer we went for the strawberries and cranberries”.

Stepanov in his youth he worked as the public correspondent and used
write about everything, not understanding. “I my editor
always said: if we publish this nonsense, we’ll be shot,” the
quoted by Stepanov (in the video it is not).

The Director of the orphanage: “Article too was terrible”

On video
there is a fragment, not included in the transcript. The correspondent of the site
asks: “Is that bad?” “Well of course not. Now we
talked much since last night…” says the pensioner,
probably referring to a conversation with the Director of the institution.

According to the Director Anna Sleptsova, occupying this position for seven
years, the report also mentioned: “We certainly were surprised and was in shock,
when I read this article. But I tried to restrain myself, because
I have a home to 151 elderly people, average age 74 to 80 years. There
the article too was terrible, I think. The work that I
seven years spent in her orphanage, it is completely possible to say that
all struck out.”

“In my 33 years of service in the social sphere it happened the first time,
L. G. we have not so long ago, is being adapted maybe
in this case”, – stated in the text version. The emphasis is
the story about the conditions of the issue of unlawful detainment
pensions in the report is not affected.

The Agency published several articles, including the message
on the September examination non – commercial organization- Fund
“Family for child” under the leadership of the public figure Olga
Veshnikova (method of questionnaires showed that most of the guests
finds accommodation in the institution comfortable) and the announcement
transfer one-on-One, dedicated to this topic.

Since, according to the Agency YSIA and channel NKV “Sakha”, which
out this program, the problems of the orphanage are exaggerated
pensioner, to be discussed General gerontological issues.
Presenter Dmitry Argunov holds the idea that “the contingent
the nursing home is daunting, but the root cause of the complaints of citizens is
the lack of attention”.

On 5 November, the Prosecutor General announced,
the office of public Prosecutor of Yakutia inspects nursing homes in the capital
of the Republic, promising in case of establishment of violations to take
“exhaustive measures of public Prosecutor’s reaction”.

The results are not yet available, but the report noted that earlier
the Prosecutor’s office of Yakutsk was already started checking the kapitonovskoye
home for the elderly and disabled them. V. I. Kononov, one of the
residents who complained to the Prosecutor’s office for illegal confinement
a significant part of his pension.

The Complainant Putin on hunger in the Yakut nursing home said the pressure from the management 09.11.2016

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