Personal Confessor, Patriarch Kirill, Archimandrite Eli (in the world Alexey Nozdrin) called the Great Patriotic war, to pay for ruin of the temples, and Joseph Stalin – a bandit and a murderer, without which the victims of this war could be much less. He declared it in interview to the newspaper “Arguments and facts”published on Thursday, October 13.

“Who was he? Bandit Koba, who robbed collectors. What was he in for? For robbery, for crimes. The bandit, in a word. If he could have a positive role to play in the war? If something happened with his hand, it is thoughtless orders”, – said the priest, assessing the role of Stalin in Russian history.

Responding to the popular thesis “Stalin won the Great Patriotic war,” Nozdrin remembered about the huge number of victims, which could have been avoided if the offensive conduct differently than did the Generalissimo: “memories of the Germans that they mind went blank shooting our troops. People drove forward, and behind walked detachments (barrage detachments, which were placed behind the others to maintain discipline and capture deserters. – Approx. One assault on the Sapun mountain in Sevastopol is worth – how many of our divisions were killed. The blood flowed. Another way could be to offensive to no such casualties, but Stalin was not accustomed to caring about people.”

“In August 1941, he gave the order to blow up during the retreat of the Dnieper. After the explosion of the dam the wave formed in a few tens of meters, it demolished everything in its path, drowned tens of thousands of people. Maybe this is the merit of Stalin to kill so many people. And our people, and without it was determined to defend the Homeland, Fatherland.”

The spiritual father of the Patriarch believes that the war helped the Russian to win God, but not Stalin: “the Lord gave us the Victory. But not Stalin, this bandit! How many Russian souls, they, together with Ulyanov ruined! How many are deprived of life only on the Kolyma, Solovki, in the North, in the South. For what? For that shot completely innocent people?”

“In my country, Oryol region, was shot thousands of clergy and believers. And who is Stalin? How was a bandit, and remained,” concluded Archimandrite. Alexey Nozdrin was born in the village of Stanovoy Kolodez ‘ Orlovsky district, Oryol region.

According to the priest, the Great Patriotic war was caused by nothing other than the destruction of the temples, “monstrous crimes against the faith”. “First, on lies built a revolution, they say, people operate, people live poorly. Now lying about Stalin,” – said the old man Eli. He was convinced that revolution was not necessary and people lived well: “In fact, it was in abundance. The people were for the king. Russia was rich, strong, mighty. Was defense spending, the country was strong militarily. It was a huge fleet. Everything was”.

“Now, if you take the atheism of his power, no mercy will no longer our Fatherland – it will cease its existence. And cease our existence, that will stop global. Already the signs are brewing that without faith, without a genuine acceptance and reverence for God, life would not exist,” warned Archimandrite Iliy.

Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church generally condemn Stalin as the persecutor of Orthodoxy, but the consensus in their assessments is not, so the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, had to condemn the positive sayings of the monks and clergy about the role of Stalin in history, accompanied by angry comments of the intelligentsia.

The dual rating Stalin gave the former Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for cooperation of Church and society, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, who saidthat Stalin was “guilty of innocent of the death of a significant number of people who were killed only because they belonged to certain classes,” and at the same time made “and a certain amount of benefit to the country’s Affairs.”

The Confessor Patriarch called Stalin a thug and destroyer of Russian souls 13.10.2016

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