The cause of the conflict between a group of fans of CSKA Moscow “Men in black”, adhering to nationalist views, and head coach of the army team Leonid Slutsky was the participation of the latter in is of the Jewish cultural center. This was stated by the commentator of TV channel “Match TV” and each expert Dmitry Fedorov.

On Sunday’s match against Lokomotiv (0:1) fans hung offensive banner in the address of the coach of CSKA with the inscription “LSPNP”.

“The pressure is entirely due to the fact that Slutsky starred in the movie the Jewish center, – said Fedorov “the Soviet sports”. – As part of the fans is right-wing, even extreme right, they absolutely do not like. They wanted to communicate with Slutsky, but he several times refused. About the game, Leonid Viktorovich ready to talk with the fans, but to justify it to them because of the absolutely innocent video no.”

Fedorov said that the Slutsky – Jew father, that is technically not a Jew, and the Jew does not call himself. Relationship to Judaism generally does not have any.

“What they want from Slutsky? So that, as in Pushkin’s fairy tale, the goldfish were on the premises. And that’s annoying. They whistled, and he ran in front of them to report. They are trying to assert themselves. To show how cool they are that the coach is called on the carpet. That’s all,” added the commentator.

The fans themselves their claims to the Slutsky explained that “in recent years, to Leonid Viktorovich has a lot of questions, which relate both to the team and his personal behavior.”

The coach of the pressure is trying not to notice, and said recently that “the negativity from fans is not felt”.

Video with participation of Leonid Slutsky:

We will add that in the last six matches in all competitions the team of Slutsky, which he had previously produced seven trophies, won just one win, flew out of the Cup of Russia and dropped to third place in the Premier League and last in the Champions League.

The conflict between fans of CSKA coach Slutsky emerged on the grounds of anti-Semitism 25.10.2016

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