The constitutional court of Tajikistan upheld the amendments to the main law of the country, which entitle the acting head of state Emomali Rahmon unlimited number of times to participate in the presidential elections and fix the country’s presidential form of government. Now the Parliament of Tajikistan shall determine the date of holding a General referendum on amending the Constitution, reports “BBC Russian service”.

The constitutional court found that “changes and additions correspond to the present stage of development of the state and society and aimed at strengthening the foundations of the constitutional system”, “reflect further democratization of political and social life of the Tajik society, strengthening legal protection and further each political-social, legal and judicial reform in the country” (quoted by TASS).

“They (amendments – Approx. is aimed at improving the norms of the Constitution and consistent with international practice of making changes and additions to the Constitution and the values and fundamental principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan”, – stated in the court’s opinion.

According to the amendments, “the Founder of peace and national unity – the Leader of the nation does not apply the provision of article 65 of the Basic law that “one and the same person cannot be President for more than two consecutive terms”. The article is supplemented with the following content: “the Restrictions provided for in part four of this article shall not apply to the Founder of peace and national unity – the Leader of the nation”.

The amendments also complement article 8 of the Constitution, which concerns the functioning of political parties in the country. It is worded as follows: “In Tajikistan are not allowed the activities of political parties of other countries, the establishment of parties on ethnic and religious basis, the financing of political parties of foreign States and organizations, legal entities and foreign citizens.”

Changes to the Constitution provide for and establish a uniform age limit – 30 years for presidential candidates (35 years now), and to the members of both houses of Parliament, judges of the Supreme court, constitutional court and the Higher economic court of Tajikistan.

At the end of January it became known that the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon has appointed his daughter, Ozoda Director of the Executive office of the President. Who occupied this post before Judaized Bakhtiyor this Product was dismissed.

I Emomali Rahmon’s nine children: seven daughters and two sons. Junior – Somoni – in school, 27-year-old Rustam head of the Agency for state financial control and combating corruption. Parvina Rahmon, according to local media, owns the national air carrier Somon Air and the Dushanbe airport, as well as control the pharmaceutical business in the Republic.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the spouse of the President of Tajikistan Assamo Sadulloev propose to recognize the leader of Muslim women in the country. The proposal was made after recently in Tajikistan entered into force the law “About the founder of peace and national unity – the leader of the nation”, according to which Rahmon received the status of “leader of the nation”.

The expert on religion Abdullo Muhakkik motivates this proposal is the fact that in the history of Central Asia Sadullaeva became the first Muslim woman, who made the Salat (prayer) inside the sacred Kaaba.

The President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon has appointed himself “leader of the nation” by signing the law on December 25 last year. The law defines the rights and privileges, including social guarantees “leader of the nation”, the issues of security during his visits and movements.

Also has a library and a Museum of “national leader” the native land Rahmon in Danghara district. 63-year-old President has been in power since November 1992. The 1994 election he was elected President of Tajikistan in 1999, 2006 and 2013 re – elected. The current term of office ends in November 2020.

The constitutional court of Tajikistan allowed the President Emomali Rahmon to be elected unlimited number of times 05.02.2016

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